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The Invisible Man (2020)

The Invisible Man

What You Can't See Can Hurt You 2020/2/26 110 min.
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"The Invisible Man" is a film based on the story of a doctor who was once a student of William Wordsworth. It is a new sci-fi film that deals with a futuristic setting and the future we all live in. It centers on Dr. Joseph Curwen, a brilliant medical researcher who was originally hired by a wealthy man to find ways to protect his assets in the face of online hacking. The plan failed but it led to the creation of an artificially intelligent security program that protects Curwen's client's interests.

The Invisible Man is not only a thriller but also a true tale of science and magic. Curwen had made some radical discoveries regarding how some types of tumors functioned but it turned out to be less than what he initially thought. His discoveries would have been more practical to some and more important to others. The results of his research could have been to cure many people from terminal illnesses.

But the real story of "The Invisible Man" is really about the relationship between science and magic. It was also supposed to be a lesson to humankind on how to deal with technology and change and adapt to the changing times. When the doctor left Curwen began to see visions of the future that would be impossible for the simple reason that the technology of those days did not exist back then. He was also told that he would die as the reason why he became a doctor. Curwen never believed the doctor but the latter's predictions were right on the mark.

The movie starts off with a clip from the "Phantasmagoria" with the narration about a new technology and how it came to be and the advantages of using the invisible man's technology. The scene changes to the modern world where Curwen has been informed about a virus that destroys the pictures that a computer uses to encode documents. This is when he decides to create the invisible man.

Curwen develops digital images and the technology to generate colors and shapes at high speeds. This would enable him to perform experiments that are now impossible for the computer because the methods of storing information on the machine had not been invented yet. The virus that the doctor created also is possible only because of digital images. Once this was done, Curwen realized that he was the only one who was capable of creating such technology.

One day Curwen comes across a time-traveling machine that also works by encoding digital images. The machine allowed him to see a period of three hundred years before his birth. His curiosity got the better of him and he takes the machine to his hometown.

In his hometown, Curwen met a scientist named Evan Hawkins. Hawkins was a famous professor in the field of physics, though his expertise ended up being on the field of medicine instead. But the moment he noticed Curwen's talent, he came to believe that he would eventually be able to cure people from diseases through his experiments.

Hawkins hired Curwen and he studied on his lab which was located at Hawkins' home. Curwen was told that his work would last a lifetime if he could simply figure out how to make the invisible man as well as his computer work together. Eventually Curwen learned how to control the computer and brought about improvements to its operation. At the end of the movie, the invisible man's story ends with the conclusion of the fight between science and magic.

Original title The Invisible Man
TMDb Rating 7.9 9 votes

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