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Zombieland: Double Tap (2019)

Zombieland: Double Tap

2019/10/9 99 min.
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Ruben Fleischer
Ruben Fleischer


Woody Harrelson is Tallahassee
Woody Harrelson
Jesse Eisenberg is Columbus
Jesse Eisenberg
Emma Stone is Wichita (Krista)
Emma Stone
Wichita (Krista)
Abigail Breslin is Little Rock
Abigail Breslin
Little Rock
Zoey Deutch is Madison
Zoey Deutch
Avan Jogia is Berkeley
Avan Jogia
Rosario Dawson is Nevada
Rosario Dawson
Luke Wilson is Albuquerque
Luke Wilson
Thomas Middleditch is Flagstaff
Thomas Middleditch
Victoria Hall is Babylonian Gatekeeper
Victoria Hall
Babylonian Gatekeeper


Zombielan 2 Double Tap.

Columbia Pictures & Sony presents the sequel to the crazy comedy Zombieland, this time titled Double Tap; the British repeats Rubén Fleischer in the direction; while in production we will meet again the American Gavin Polone.

Before continuing, it is necessary to remember a little about the franchise; Zombieland's first installment premiered on October two of two thousand and nine; the film was a resounding success, far exceeding the expectations of the producers, had an acceptance of ninety percent of the audience, and raised more than one hundred and fifty million dollars at the box office.

This film is set in a post-apocalyptic world; life and the human race as we know it is almost extinct, a mutation of the mad cow disease has contaminated the majority of the world's population making them undead.

This second installment is called the statement of rule number two for survival against zombies, Double Tap; we find the same four protagonists of its predecessor, a point in favor for the producers who managed to bring the same cast together ten more later.

Veteran American actor Woody Harrelson repeats as Tallahassee; the beautiful actress and singer Emma Stone is again Wichita; New Yorker Jesse Eisenberg will play Columbus again; Abigail Breslin will be Little Rock; Canada's Avan Jogia will be Berkeley; Zoey Francis Thompson Deutch will play Madison and Rosario Isabel Dawson will be Nevada.

One of the points in favor of which the franchise was praised, was the continuity that was given to history and its essence, the characteristic black humor of this saga remains intact; Ten years have passed and it seems that we continue in the projection of two thousand and nine, and that is extremely difficult to achieve so that both production, direction and cast deserve recognition.

 As for his characters, it is evident that ten years physically change any human being, however with the correct makeup work part of the passage of time can be hidden; in this case the physical changes of our characters, with the exception of Abigail Breslin, who was very well accentuated that decade; They are minimal and that is another success for the franchisee.

The relationship between the characters Tallahassee and Columbus becomes more of an older or younger brother, that style of figure is left behind for him, and for the beautiful Little Rock, although at times with her if he returns; Columbus and Crystal, or Wichita, must suffer the consequences of a desolate but small world, since the radius of their habitat is reduced every day, fatigue, intolerance and boredom are their main enemies.

However, the killing of zombies continues to be the order of the day, and with it the dark comedy; the characteristic American black humor.

Another important change for this installment were the action scenes and visual effects, we will see more technologically worked scenes, and high-level effects; and this is because the producer and distributor chose to increase the budget substantially and redouble the bet with Double Tap; remember that its predecessor saw a budget of only twenty million dollars and exceeded one hundred and fifty million in profit. Both companies decided to double the budget, to reach almost fifty million, using the successful formula of the first installment to ensure a safe success.

Original title Zombieland: Double Tap
TMDb Rating 6.9 1260 votes

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