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Yesterday (2019)


Everyone in the world has forgotten The Beatles. Everyone except Jack… 2019/6/27 116 min.
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Danny Boyle
Danny Boyle


Himesh Patel is Jack Malik
Himesh Patel
Jack Malik
Lily James is Ellie Appleton
Lily James
Ellie Appleton
Ed Sheeran is Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran
Kate McKinnon is Debra Hammer
Kate McKinnon
Debra Hammer
Joel Fry is Rocky
Joel Fry
Meera Syal is Sheila Malik
Meera Syal
Sheila Malik
Sanjeev Bhaskar is Jed Malik
Sanjeev Bhaskar
Jed Malik
Harry Michell is Nick
Harry Michell
Sophia Di Martino is Carol
Sophia Di Martino
Sarah Lancashire is Liz
Sarah Lancashire



Universal Studios presents this unique musical comedy written by Richard Curtis, directed by Danny Boyle and produced by Bernie Bellew; it was released on June 20, two thousand nineteen for the United Kingdom.

It has a little known but very talented cast that will pleasantly surprise you, starting with its protagonists, the British actor of Hindu origin plays Jack Malik; Lily James will be Ellie Appleton; the famous American actress Kate McKinnon will play Debra Hammer; and we will enjoy the debut of British singer Ed Sheeran on the big screen.

Jack Malik is a young musician who only knows about failures throughout his small career; but he does not give up his dream of one day becoming a renowned singer; but at the moment he must settle for his job as a storekeeper in a department store in the area where he lives.

One day there is a power failure that affects the entire world, Jack when leaving his job in the dark is almost overwhelmed by a bus, hitting his head against the floor while jumping, when waking up at the hospital, he realizes that the world-famous Liverpool quartet, The Beatles never existed; He just remembers his songs and arrangements.

Jack realizes that he is facing the greatest opportunity of his life, so he records the most famous songs of the group as if they were his, and thus begins to succeed on stage, from one moment to another he becomes the new musical idol of the moment; his videos are the most-watched on social networks and digital platforms.

The representatives and labels fight to the death to have the exclusivity of the famous Jack Malik, great tours and concerts are the day to day of this lucky young man, who has gained fame and prestige thanks to the strange phenomenon occurred after the blackout.

But not everything is happiness in Malik's life, fame brings legal and commercial problems, with fans, the press, etc ... Jack begins to experience them and that leads him to face his friend and companion who has supported him since the principle and that was his first artistic representative, Ellie Appleton.

During a heated argument, Ellie confesses to Jack that she is in love with him, and that she cannot continue by his side if she insists on that attitude; the famous Jack Malik discovers that he cannot live without her and that he really loves her; You must choose between your fame or the opportunity to be happy next to the love of your life.

Filming of the film began on April 21, 2018, the most used locations are located in the southern part of England.

In February of two thousand and nineteen it was established that the film would be titled 'Yesterday' which increased production costs by ten million dollars, however that payment would also include the rights for the songs "Yesterday", "Let it be", "I want to hold your hand," "Something" and "Hey Jude."

The film has shown an excellent reception at a general level and has high praise from specialized critics, obtaining more than eighty percent approval, in terms of box office collection collected a figure close to eighty-one million dollars with an initial budget of twenty-six million.

Original title Yesterday
TMDb Rating 6.7 968 votes

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