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Wonder Park (2019)

Wonder Park

2019/3/14 86 min.
Average: 6.2 (228 votes)
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Dylan Brown
Dylan Brown


Brianna Denski is June
Brianna Denski
Matthew Broderick is June's Dad
Matthew Broderick
June's Dad
Jennifer Garner is June's Mom
Jennifer Garner
June's Mom
Sofia Mali is Young June
Sofia Mali
Young June
Kenan Thompson is Gus
Kenan Thompson
Ken Jeong is Cooper
Ken Jeong
Mila Kunis is Greta the Warthog
Mila Kunis
Greta the Warthog
John Oliver is Steve the Porcupine
John Oliver
Steve the Porcupine
Norbert Leo Butz is Peanut the Monkey
Norbert Leo Butz
Peanut the Monkey
Kath Soucie is Bus Counselor Shannon
Kath Soucie
Bus Counselor Shannon


This a wonderful 2019 computer movie full of adventure. Wonder Park is produced by Josh Appelbaum, Andre Nemec and Kendra Galland and directed by a young American director Dylan Brown he is known for his work on the Toy story, Ratatouille and others. The story has been written by Robert Gordon, Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec. The movie stars Briana Denski, Ken Hudson Campbell, Kenan Thompson, Keng Jeong, Milia Kunis, John Oliver, Jenifer Garner and Matthew Broderick. The movie was released on March 15, 2019 at the United States and has a running time of 85minutes. It has a budget of $80-$100 million and has so far racked up to $52.3 million at the Box Office.
A woman named June Bailey together with her mother invented the story of wonderland which is an enchanting amusement park coordinated by some animals known to be: Boomer, Greta, Gus and Cooper, Steve, and the Leader Peanut. As time goes by, Mrs Bailey gets dick and went away for recovery as she starts creating a distance with wonderland to the extent of burning the blueprints of the park in anger. Later on, her husband, Mr. Bailey, sends her to a math camp but she escaped by using her friend's backing to form a distraction only to meet wonderland in tatters. Mrs. June found that the park has been stormed by Darkness and she, together with the animals try to get the park's mechanism fixed only to be confronted by chimpanzombies.

This is where she sees Peanut concealing away from the Darkness and explains how he gots loss. June discovers that darkness was only her own creation due to her negligence and selfishness. The chimpanzombies barges in and took Peanut away for a prisoner as June finds a way to flee. She ran back to the animals to inform them about what she saw. Doing this, she poured out her mind that she's to be blamed for the Darkness. She was abandoned by the animals.

June later fixed one of the enchantments and allurements that catches the fancy of animals as they made it back to the park. Meanwhile, Peanut was been taken by the chimpanzombies to be absorbed into the Darkness but the animals fought back as June attempts to save Peanut by propelling into the space. She persuades him that the voice for his imagination and so Peanut should avoid letting the Darkness usurp him by offering him an idea with which he can escape. June realizes that the park's mechanics is her name placed in successive letters as can be found in the blueprint.

Through the assistance of Peanut, they altogether got the mechanics working again as they used her name to change gears in order to clear up wonderland from the grip of Darkness. Meanwhile, a cloud is still over the park and June deciphered this as a clue to always be inventive.
June then returns home to meet a now-healthy Mrs Bailey, they altogether create a wonderland in their backyard as June narrates the story of wonderland to kids.

Original title Wonder Park
TMDb Rating 6.2 228 votes

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