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Us (2019)


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Us, It was a world premiere, it was played in South by Southwest on March 8, 2019, and a week later it was released in US by the company Universal Pictures.

Us is a suspense and horror film written and directed by Jordan Peele who is known for being a comedian and an actor. He is known for his work in films and television in the genres of comedy and horror.

After captivating the audience with the sinister reflection on racism in his debut film "Get Out” 2017, Peele returns to combine terror and politics with" Us ", a film in which he explores the fears of a society in crisis and enchanted with seeing the straw in the eyes of others.

"I wrote 'I want to go out' thinking about a form of expression that I felt was being repressed, That discussion was a racial discussion (...) But I could not imagine that the opportune moment of that idea would match with the (historical) moment in which I did it, "said the director in a meeting with the media.

"With 'Us' we try to enter into something that I believe in, a lack in the way we talk about society, and the piece with which I started this idea is that we are a culture of accusers. Stranger or the other, fear outside the country or fear outside our homes and by the neighbor, humans are much faster to point our finger outward than inward, "he said.

Oscar winner to the best original script and considered one of the most present voices in Hollywood, Peele (New York, 1979) premieres this Friday "Us" (We), his return as director and screenwriter is given by the hand of Lupita Nyong'o, Winston Duke and Elisabeth Moss.

In this film about which the shadows of "Funny Games" (1997) or "The Shining" (The Shining, 1980) are planned, a black couple and their two children have their holidays interrupted when some chilling appear on the door of their house figures: those of four people who seem to be double of each member of the family.

With a devilish sense of rhythm and a staging of tuition, Peele continues to use terror to address US social and political issues: the decline of the American dream, repression and rejection of the different, collective psychosis, and the mirage of consumer society. And all this is done from the mythical figure of the "doppelgänger" (perverse double) that blur the boundaries between good and evil.

"One of the reasons why this film is like a Rorschach Test is that the word" we mean something different for each one, it can be your partner and you, your neighborhood, your country, I believe that humans have tribalism in our nature and is what causes us to be afraid of the other, "he said. Within that game of mirrors so that each one faces his own demons, Peele also told one of his own: "To have lived a life of privilege without recognizing, totally and stupidly, all those who have suffered so that I can experience it". But, above all, he stressed the differences with "Get Out": "It is very important for me to be very honest so that people do not come looking for a film about races".

While the presidency of Donald Trump has given wings to racism and the extreme right in the US, Hollywood has seized on new African-American talents that have taken black representation to new territory, either through genre films ("Get Out ", Let me out), independent films (Barry Jenkins with" Moonlight ") or huge blockbusters such as (" Black Panther ").

In another sense, Peele, known for his brushstrokes of humor in the midst of macabre scenes, defended this stamp of his style." Horror accesses our most buried emotion, which is fear, and anything that is buried or hidden, when it is revealed, produces a great liberation, a catholic liberation," he said." The horror is like the dark 'doppelgänger' of the comedy, they have the same DNA, they both deal with how reality interacts with the absurd, both have to do with rhythm, both invoke visceral and audible responses," he said.

Finally, and before the large amount of analysis and complex readings that scrutinize each detail and reference of his films, Peele also claimed the light essence of his films."'Us' (We) had to be 'a popcorn movie' (for the general public) that you can enjoy if you do not want to reflect and also had to operate at the level of an intellectual movie where you can peel your layers like an onion, "he said." But what I see is that when people give you those two options they tend to get into the high level, so in that sense, I think my audience is very intelligent, but if they want to put out their brains, they are also welcome," he concluded.

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