Unplanned (2019)


What She Saw Changed Everything 2019/3/21 106 Min.
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Chuck Konzelman
Chuck Konzelman
Cary Solomon
Cary Solomon


Ashley Bratcher is Abby Johnson
Ashley Bratcher
Abby Johnson
Brooks Ryan is Doug
Brooks Ryan
Robia LaMorte is Cheryl
Robia LaMorte
Emma Elle Roberts is Marilisa
Emma Elle Roberts
Robin DeMarco is Kathleen
Robin DeMarco


This film is based on Abby Johnson's experience a woman that worked in a clinic, she was a youngest director of the "Planned Parenthood" clinics. She has involved in approximately 22,000 abortions and persuaded a significant amount of women, her high commitment to the franchise makes her a tireless fighter in order to achieve the legalization of what she has believed since her adolescence. However, one day they ask her for help on a thirteen-week pregnancy intervention and during that experience Abby witnesses something incredible that transforms her into one of the most famous pro-life leaders in the United States.

A heartbreaking story that shows that we all "need" to define the moment when something begins and when it ends, this is born by instinct, the more complex the processes object of study, the most difficult it becomes to objectively define these moments. In the case of the beginning and the end of human life this is the theme.

It is difficult to deal with such a controversial subject when it comes to film or television and it becomes even more complicated when there is so much disparity of opinions, because many people are for or against it, especially in these times where empathy is not usually being the priority of another great majority, there are so many opinions against it that are not solved yet, and there is no consensus analysis to reach a common agreement.

Due to this “Unplanned” theme, the film was in the look of the news after its official Twitter account was suspended for a few hours because it was linked to another one that violated the rules. Due to this controversy, “Unplanned” has managed to sell more tickets than was actually expected, raising more than US $ 6.1 M.

Starring Ashley Bratchere, expressed not being an activist for this cause. When she read the script, she felt a deep curiosity to know Abby Johnsosn, knowing her story made her think about the interruption of the pregnancy and made her literally cry, she says she feels a deep admiration. And besides Ashley Bratchere, there are Brooks Ryan an American actor who has the role of Doug, Robia Scott an actress an dancer, she has the principal paper as Cheryl a doctor, Jared Lotz a young actor, he is Shawn, Emma Elle Roberts an American actress, who began in this world very young she is Marilisa, Robin DeMarco an actress and producer she is Kathleen, Robert Thomason an American actor, he has the role of Mike, Tina Toner a Swiss actress she is Renee .

It was directed by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman, co-producers and screenwriters tell the story of Abby Johnsosn. Pure Flix, a film production company that has its streaming platform and focuses exclusively on Christian movies.

The Criticism:

On the “Rotten Tomatoes” (web site) reviews, the film has a 50% approval which is based on approximately 20 average comments. 5.53 / 10. The site´s critic has expressed that the film is focused on a controversial topic, which reinforces the feelings of the viewers in both approaches, while Matracritic indicates that the score is low with a weighted average of 11 out of 100, because the main criticism indicates that overwhelming displeasure. CinemaScore offers an excellence rating and Pot Trak as well as CinemaScore with a positive score of 80%.

Obviously this approach to the problem of abortion is not acceptable, because of the falsehood established in the same debate. Definitely, abortion is not a progress, on the contrary it would be a failure to not be able to help a human life to reach its end, but neither is it a religious stubbornness, reluctant to any sensibility in the woman who lives it. . It is more constructive to bring up the issue of abortion from the reflection itself, taking into account and broad knowledge that without a doubt there is a living being, housed inside of the mother, with an independent life.

Original title Unplanned
TMDb Rating 5.5 29 votes

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