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Triple Threat (2019)

Triple Threat

Like Expendables without retirees! 2019/3/19 96 min.
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Jesse V. Johnson
Jesse V. Johnson


Tony Jaa is Payu
Tony Jaa
Iko Uwais is Jaka
Iko Uwais
Tiger Hu Chen is Long Fei
Tiger Hu Chen
Long Fei
Scott Adkins is Collins
Scott Adkins
Michael Jai White is Devereaux
Michael Jai White
Michael Bisping is Joey
Michael Bisping
Celina Jade is Xian
Celina Jade
JeeJa Yanin is Mook
JeeJa Yanin
Dominiquie Vandenberg is Dom
Dominiquie Vandenberg
Michael Wong is Old Man
Michael Wong
Old Man


>A movie made in the year 2019 and basically of the martial arts. Written by Joey O’Bryan, Fangjin Song and Paul Staheli. The film is directed by the good director named Jesse V. It was produced by a big couple of producers some of them are Mike Gabrawy an Egiptian producer, Gary Hamilton a film producer, Chen Sylen Hwa and Yin Ye. It was released on the 19th of March, 2019 with a running time of 96 minutes.

Payu and Long Fei get enlisted on some welfare job in Thailand in order to let inmates get freedom. Meanwhile, they were unaware that the person who sent them, Deveraux and his clique’s original objective is to let their boss named Collins, whom is a terrorist, breakout from prison. Unfortunately, they invade a village shooting people including Jaka’s wife. In the resulting troubles, Payu fights Jaka although Mook blows a grenade on Jaka to get him injured. Colins was freed from his captors and on the long run, Payu and Fei were dealth with to enclose loose gaps and especially burning off the proof. At last, the latter scales through as Jaka gets awoken to meet his village in disarray and consequently pledge to seek revenge on Payu and everyone that contributes to bringing down his village.
A couple of days after, Jaka was informed about Payu and Fei’s involvement in some forbidden boxing in Mahya Jaya. Payu beats one boxer and Jaka then took him up. Fei defeats Jaka who was later identified as a villager and they fed him. The latter ensured they got drunk before alerting the police whom got them nipped and ferried to the Central Police Station.
Tian Xiao Xian gets to the city and intends to gift funds to charity so as to aid in containing the ravaging corruption in town but Su Feng commands Collins to stop her by getting her murdered for she will be an hinderance to his unlawful acts. Collins and co tries to eliminate her but Madame Liang got an injury as Dom gets shot. The former informs Xiao Xian that she can only be protected at the Police Station but unfortunately, they couldn't get her because of her language.
In the meantime, Collins and co reached the station having believed in the information Jaka supplied to them. Payu duels with Steiner as Jaka took a shot at the latter getting him killed and also eliminates Mook through an explosion. Having fortunately escaped from Collins two times, Payu informs the former that Xiao Xian is in his captivity and can be gotten at Old Poker House provided Payu and Fei will be given $10,000 and freed. He agrees and informs his crew to acquire guns so as to maim them in lieu of that. Collins found Xiao Xian and attempts to take a shot at her, only for Fei to come in and instead, receive the bullet as Payu eliminates Collins. Su Feng got nicked the following day as Liang leads Xiao Xian straight to the Chinese Embassy.

Original title Triple Threat
TMDb Rating 5.5 130 votes

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