The Wandering Earth (2019)

The Wandering Earth

2019/2/5 126 Min.
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6.4 123 votes


Frant Gwo
Frant Gwo


Wu Jing is Liu Peiqiang
Wu Jing
Liu Peiqiang
Chuxiao Qu is Liu Qi (Hu Kou)
Chuxiao Qu
Liu Qi (Hu Kou)
Jin Mai Jaho is Han Duoduo
Jin Mai Jaho
Han Duoduo
Li Guangjie is Wang Lei
Li Guangjie
Wang Lei
Ng Man-Tat is Han Ziang
Ng Man-Tat
Han Ziang
Mike Sui is Tim
Mike Sui
Qu Jingjing is Zhou Qian
Qu Jingjing
Zhou Qian
Zhang Yi-Chi is Li Yiyi
Zhang Yi-Chi
Li Yiyi
Haoyu Yang is He Lianke
Haoyu Yang
He Lianke
Arkady Sharogradsky is Makarov
Arkady Sharogradsky


When the Sun begins to expand in any such way that it's going to unavoidably engulf and ruin the Earth in 100 years, united mankind reveals a manner to keep away from extinction by way of propelling the planet out of the Solar System the use of gigantic engines, transferring it to a brand new domestic placed 4 light years away, an epic adventure with a purpose to ultimate hundreds of years.

Original title The Wandering Earth
TMDb Rating 6.4 123 votes

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