The Wandering Earth (2019)

The Wandering Earth

2019/2/5 126 Min.
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Frant Gwo
Frant Gwo


Chuxiao Qu is Liu Qi (Hu Kou)
Chuxiao Qu
Liu Qi (Hu Kou)
Li Guangjie is Wang Lei
Li Guangjie
Wang Lei
Jin Mai Jaho is Han Duoduo
Jin Mai Jaho
Han Duoduo
Wu Jing is Liu Peiqiang
Wu Jing
Liu Peiqiang
Ng Man-Tat is Han Ziang
Ng Man-Tat
Han Ziang
Mike Sui is Tim
Mike Sui
Qu Jingjing is Zhou Qian
Qu Jingjing
Zhou Qian
Zhang Yi-Chi is Li Yiyi
Zhang Yi-Chi
Li Yiyi
Haoyu Yang is He Lianke
Haoyu Yang
He Lianke
Arkady Sharogradsky is Makarov
Arkady Sharogradsky


This is the China's first-ever sci-fi film. Is a movie based on the award-winning novel by Liu Cixin, the film was released on February 2019 in China and now is being released on Netflix. This movie is a new way to see a Chinese film, now they work in topics like their traditions, historical things and future plans. With a budget of 50 million dollars (USD), Directed by Frant Gwo, Script by Gong Geer, Li Guangjie, Chuxiao Qu and others.

History is based on a terrible problem of extraordinary proportions: now the sun is unstable and after some years it was prepared to consume the planet Earth and within the next 300 years the entire solar system as we know it will be missing. The governments of the Earth unite to face the problem and find a novel solution: they surround the planet with 10,000 gigantic airplanes, expel it from its orbit and launch it on a journey of one hundred generations to a new home 4.2 light years away. The clue is to use the gravitational to change the velocity of the trip, but a function of the system fails and allows the planet drifting in Jupiter's gravity and gradually gets closer and closer and being dragged towards destruction.

A group of workers must fight to reactivate the planes and the course of the Earth. The action takes place in two scenarios at the same time. On the surface of the Earth, the genius Liu Qi and his sister Han Duoduo joins their efforts and thus run away from home. They have only been curious to see the surface of the earth since most of humanity now lives in crowded underground places, and the surface is for workers, Liu faces a bigger grudge to his father. When Liu Qi was a child, his father moved to an international space station of new construction, designed to go ahead of the Earth as a guide and seeker of roads. Now, Liu Qi things that his father discarded him, and wants to attacks independently.

The complete spatial plot may seem extremely familiar to the American audience (USA), who have an emotional feel when it comes to a quiet voice computer in space and a desperate astronaut who can not obey his commands, even when there is human lives on the line, because it has its own orders. MOSS even looks something At times it gives the feeling of something like HAL 9000 2001: a real space odyssey which is presented as a light on a tilting panel with a red eye always critical and threatening

Liu Peiqiang's space adventure also unfolds as a sequel to Gravity, with fast sequences of astronauts trying to navigate clouds of debris and finding handholds in a treacherous mobile station as they explore space. It is the best fusion of past science fiction movies. But China want to be part of this business of the success of the action, it will surely remain lovely to watch this nation carries its own aptitudes to a global market. The movie is like the same kind of movies as the American´s filmmakers do: funny, focused on passion and, at least, a little generic, in an attempt to be easy for any audience.

But there is enough personality to point to a future of many blockbusters with national talent, the strongest and the most important and personal visions of a good movie, definitely, you have to watch this movie and be captivated by the new and unpredictable cinema of the Far East

Original title 流浪地球
TMDb Rating 6.3 188 votes

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