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The Secret Life of Pets 2 (2019)

The Secret Life of Pets 2

They still have their secrets. 2019/5/24 86 min.
Average: 6.6 (1013 votes)
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The Secret Life of your Pets 2

Universal Estudios flies the funniest dogs on the big screen, with the unique Russel Terrier called Max and the immense and mongrel Duke in a new adventure that will entertain us in droves; the sequel to the hit animated film "The Secret Life of My Pets" is produced by Ilumination Entertainment and directed by Chris Renaud, the story and screenplay adaptation was the responsibility of Brian Lynch, while the musicalization and editing was in charge of Alexandre Desplat and Ken Schretzmann respectively.

Welcome to New York ... Welcome to New York ... Again we begin the story in the big block, the city of skyscrapers. Little Max and the hairy giant Duke still live with Katie, but the three of them are no longer alone, the young lady married a boy named Chuck and they have been fortunate with the birth of her baby, whom they called Liam.

Max as a guard dog and Katie's faithful companion, promises to take care of little Liam at all times and never leave him alone, with the passing of time in a small baby and Max become good friends and are very close.

Another of the protagonists will be the small, tender and white rabbit of Chloe, Pompom, who will become a daring and brave superhero nicknamed SnowBall, in charge of fighting evil and protecting defenseless animals only when their owner is not at home.

Chuck surprise Katie and Liam with a surprise vacation trip to her family's farm, it's time to go with nature, Katie takes her faithful companions Max and Duke with her; After a long journey, they finally arrive at the farm, the double dog runs around the whole place and enjoys the wonderful nature and outdoor life.

The alpha male and leader of the place introduces himself, a beefy Belgian Shepherd named Gallo, he is the one who maintains order on the farm, feared and respected by pigs, sheep, cows, horses and even by turkeys and geese; Gallo warns the hairy city people that life in the countryside is not simple, and that if they want to learn he can teach them.

Back the big apple, Gidget plays with the ball that Max left in his care that Zumbi nicknames, but in an oversight he falls through the window of the room, once on the ground a gang of stray cats takes over Zumbi; Little Gidget tries to negotiate with the feline leader, but he doesn't want to return the ball; but Gidget does not give up and uses her tender, hairy and fluffy appearance to distract the cats and recover the toy.

A new canine joins the group, it is about Daisy who is visiting Pompom's house, and brings bad news with her. It tells the sad story of a tiger cub that is in captivity inside a cage at the circus fair, and is constantly mistreated for not knowing how to do the circus tricks that order him. Exclaim that he would love to meet the famous superhero SnowBall!

Pompom's little white chest swells with ego and pride; assumes his secret identity and runs with the damsel canine to the rescue of the small cat.

In an unconventional and unexpected way SnowBall manages to free the tiger cub HU, after having fiercely faced four hungry wolves guarding the place. The hairy, tiny hero takes the little tiger to his friend PA's house, an old and blind basset hound who will take care of him.

The adventures of our friends do not stop here, Max, Duke, SnowBall, Gidget and company must survive and pass all the tests they will face throughout the film.

Original title The Secret Life of Pets 2
TMDb Rating 6.6 1013 votes

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