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The Rock and the Stars (2019)

The Rock and the Stars

The stars are calling... 2019/5/12 18 min.
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Michael Gil
Michael Gil


Hayley O'Connor is Alyson
Hayley O'Connor
Cara Mitsuko is Anora
Cara Mitsuko
Dale Waddington is Vanestra
Dale Waddington


By the yr 2186 people have unfold across the Solar System, colonizing the distant moons of Jupiter. Alyson Spenser is an astrophysicist, caught among her deep attachment to the beauty and magic of her work, and the voices—inner in addition to outside—that tell her to cognizance on what is sensible, on the right here and now. Alyson does her great to toe this party line, but she finds it a warfare. And then, some thing wondrous takes place. She discovers a abnormal meteorite, and when she reaches down and touches it, she is right away transported onto a spaceship in orbit excessive over Earth. The captain of the vessel is a streetwise smuggler from Jupiter named Anora Dane. Alyson finds her atypical and frightening, yet she additionally glows with a vibrancy of spirit Alyson had nearly forgotten became possible. Faced with a reality she only ever 1/2 allowed herself to dream of, Alyson must pick wherein she belongs, following Anora to Ganymede, or returning to Earth.

Original title The Rock and the Stars
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