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The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

The Red Sea Diving Resort

In the 1980s one partnership saved thousands of lives 2019/7/28 130 min.
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Gideon Raff
Gideon Raff


Chris Evans is Ari Levinson
Chris Evans
Ari Levinson
Haley Bennett is Rachel Reiter
Haley Bennett
Rachel Reiter
Alessandro Nivola is Sammy Navon
Alessandro Nivola
Sammy Navon
Michael Kenneth Williams is Kabede Bimro
Michael Kenneth Williams
Kabede Bimro
Michiel Huisman is Jacob 'Jake' Wolf
Michiel Huisman
Jacob 'Jake' Wolf
Alex Hassell is Max Rose
Alex Hassell
Max Rose
Mark Ivanir is Mossad Chief Barack Isaacs
Mark Ivanir
Mossad Chief Barack Isaacs
Chris Chalk is Colonel Abdel Ahmed
Chris Chalk
Colonel Abdel Ahmed
Greg Kinnear is Walton Bowen
Greg Kinnear
Walton Bowen
Ben Kingsley is Ethan Levin
Ben Kingsley
Ethan Levin


Chris Evans' career has been marked during this decade by the character of Captain America. He performed it for the first time in 2011 and said goodbye to it in 2019 with ‘Avengers: Endgame’. A milestone for anyone's career but that also leaves you very little time for other projects, although Evans took advantage of the pauses between Marvel projects to, among other titles, lead the wonderful 'Snow Blower' and make the leap to the address with 'Before You Go'.

Now the actor faces the challenge of a career away from superhero movies that so much shot his popularity. This year he releases two films in which he has to try if he keeps the interest of the audience away from Marvel. One of them is 'Knives Out', the highly anticipated new job behind the scenes of Rian Johnson after his experience in the Star Wars universe, but the one that has come before us is 'The Red Sea Diving Resort', a film inspired by facts real for Netflix with better intentions than results.

Behind 'The Red Sea Diving Resort' we have the television Gideon Raff, creator of the Israeli series on which 'Homeland' was based and that did not address a film project since he wrote and directed 'Train' in 2008. Long used to have different margins to develop both the characters and the story that is the various problems that are perceived in the film at hand.

Of course, the start is quite functional establishing the threat faced by a group of refugees and the particular solution posed by Israeli forces to get them out of Sudan alive. There we could say that ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ is an agile story that leaves you curious to see how everything evolves.

Up to a point we could talk about the energy of a good television pilot to present the situation, to settle its protagonist - very effective in this regard is the sequence in which convinces someone to join the cause when he was totally opposed to doing so. - and give some strokes of the rest of the characters that accompany him.

The problem is that Raff does not have several episodes to clarify and expand all the ingredients he manages and ends up opting for a more schematic script in all aspects, both in characters, where there is only white or black to define his motivations, as in situations, being unable to convey the sense of danger and urgency so that one gets more into the film and feels like a triumph every time the protagonists take someone alive from the country.

To a certain extent, this is due to perhaps focusing too much around the character of Evans. The presence has it and also the know-how to handle compromised situations, but there is not a big enough difference in the way Steve Rogers is approached. We're not saying it's a replica, but the character needed something more different to find his voice. And the most striking thing is that despite this, Evans is the best of the film.

That is especially evident in the scenes he shares with Michael Kenneth Williams, the unforgettable Omar, since he does transmit that vital anguish, that need to get ahead, instead of being another mission. Very important, but another one. There is even a time when that is explained through the dialogues in case there is any doubt, so it is intended by Raff but does not finish providing anything that justifies it beyond a certain lightness in its central section so that the viewer can digest everything with greater comfort.

In fact, it is that central section where the interest of ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ plummets. You rely too much on the strength of specific scenes without having previously cooked the ingredients to achieve the desired impact.

In short, ‘The Red Sea Diving Resort’ is a discreet addition to the Netflix catalog, a film that does not take full advantage of the powerful real story that based on. A pity, since his first act does work well but then does not develop satisfactorily what it proposes.

Original title The Red Sea Diving Resort
TMDb Rating 6.8 306 votes

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