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The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal (2019)

The Mystery of the Dragon’s Seal

2019/8/16 121 min.
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Oleg Stepchenko
Oleg Stepchenko


Jason Flemyng is Jonathan Green
Jason Flemyng
Jonathan Green
Arnold Schwarzenegger is James Hook
Arnold Schwarzenegger
James Hook
Charles Dance is Lord Dudley
Charles Dance
Lord Dudley
Jackie Chan is master
Jackie Chan
Yao Xing-Tong is Chen Lan
Yao Xing-Tong
Chen Lan
Christopher Fairbank is Grey
Christopher Fairbank
Rutger Hauer is English ambassador
Rutger Hauer
English ambassador
Martin Klebba is captain
Martin Klebba
Yuri Kolokolnikov is
Yuri Kolokolnikov
Pavel Volya is Menshikov
Pavel Volya


From the hand of director Oleg Stepchenko, and producers Gleb Fetisov, Sergey Sozanovsky and Alexey Petrukhin, with screenplay adaptations by Dimitri Palees, the film Journey to China, The Mystery of Iron Mask, arrives on the big screen.

With the performances of Hollywood stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as James Hook; Jackie Chan as the Master; Jason Ian Flemyng as Jonathan Green; Rutger Hauer as the Ambassador; Martin Klebba as the Captain; and Christopher Fairbank as Gray.

This movie was released on August 16, 2000, in China and September 21 for Russia.

The production of the tape dates from February two thousand and fifteen, when the sequel to the VIY saga was announced, this time in order to reach the hard-fought international market, for that date there were several meetings and multiple attempts to expand the leading cast, in order to give a greater impulse to the film, among the candidates were free martial arts experts Steven Seagal and Jason Statham, who would accompany Chan and Schwarzenegger; but by the end of two thousand sixteen the news would be announced that only the currency pair would be the protagonists.

The film is inspired by the Russian horror story that bears the same name; however, the development of his characters is freely modified as manifested by the character Jonathan Green, who is personified by Jason Ian Flemyng.

The adventures of this group of veterans take place in the 18th century, when the mapping expert known as Jonathan Green (Jason Ian Flemyng) is hired by the powerful Tsar Russo, Peter the Great, to perform the topological survey and mapping of the remote eastern part of the Russian Empire.

But Green embarks on a journey very different from the one entrusted to him, in which he will live great adventures and must fight against mystical creatures, he will know incredible places that he did not even imagine existed.

His dangerous journey will take him to the mysterious China, where he will meet great masters of immense wisdom, beautiful Asian princesses, and characters he had never heard of.

The tape for most of the planet was released directly in home format, such as DVD and Blu-Ray, and was not screened in movie theaters; in the case of the United States of America, it is not yet available in any format due to some Asian restrictions and censures that prevent its entry into the market, however it is something that is already under negotiation and a quick solution is expected.

Original title Тайна Печати Дракона
TMDb Rating 4.7 32 votes

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