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The Lion King (2019)

The Lion King

The King has Returned. 2019/7/12 118 min.
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Jon Favreau
Jon Favreau


Donald Glover is Simba (voice)
Donald Glover
Simba (voice)
Beyoncé Knowles is Nala (voice)
Beyoncé Knowles
Nala (voice)
James Earl Jones is Mufasa (voice)
James Earl Jones
Mufasa (voice)
Chiwetel Ejiofor is Scar (voice)
Chiwetel Ejiofor
Scar (voice)
Alfre Woodard is Sarabi (voice)
Alfre Woodard
Sarabi (voice)
John Oliver is Zazu (voice)
John Oliver
Zazu (voice)
John Kani is Rafiki (voice)
John Kani
Rafiki (voice)
Seth Rogen is Pumbaa (voice)
Seth Rogen
Pumbaa (voice)
Billy Eichner is Timon (voice)
Billy Eichner
Timon (voice)
Eric André is Azizi (voice)
Eric André
Azizi (voice)


On the twenty-eighth of September of the year two thousand and sixteen Walt Disney Pictures announces that it will make a new version of the very successful animated film of the Lion King, which was a record in the year of nineteen ninety and picture when it was screened for the first time.

For this nine challenge, Disney hires as director Jon Favreau, who is known for his work with the Mickey mouse house as they were, Cinderella, Maleficent, The Jungle Book, Beauty and The Beast, among others. The director Favreau declared that he will use the same virtual cinematographic technology that he implemented in the movie "The Jungle Book".

On the other hand, Disney also announces that the person responsible for adapting and modifying the script for this new version will be Mr. Jeff Nathanson. For the first quarter of two thousand seventeen the casting begins to select the cast that would give life to the creatures of the jungle. The musicalization of the film would be in charge of the teacher Hans Zimmer, who plays a role of its importance since one of the keys to the success of its predecessor was precisely the musical setting.

The film was released on July 19, two thousand nineteen, the date on which twenty-five years of that successful premiere of its predecessor in nineteen ninety-four.
The specialized critics were not as positive as expected since despite having achieved great visual effects, and a great orchestration and musical setting, for them the plot lacks the same force that transmitted the original tape, however, for the public in general, mostly the audience that enjoyed the first installment, the appreciation is totally different, confirming Walt Disney's expectations, weighing it with a score of eight out of ten.

This production had a fairly ambitious initial budget, around two hundred and seventy million dollars, a figure to be taken into account. However, the collection obtained was proportional to the estimate exceeding one thousand five hundred and fifty million dollars.

This excellent story begins with the birth of the heir to the throne of Africa, the firstborn King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi, whom they called Simba. The presentation ceremony before the animals of the kingdom was in style, as expected.

But what nobody suspects is that the peace and tranquility of the kingdom is threatened by the insatiable thirst for power of the King's brother, Scar, who longs to take possession of the throne as it gives rise, and with Simba's birth everything gets complicated to The lion villain. This ruffian named Scar is capable of anything in order to achieve his goal, so he has long designed a sinister and unscrupulous plan to snatch his brother's throne and get rid of the Simba puppy.

Simba's heartless uncle, forms a powerful alliance with his historical enemies the hyenas, who will have an important participation in Scar's plans, the goal is to end the life of the King and his heir.

The first attempt was failed, Scar manipulates his young nephew to send him to the distant cemetery of Elephants, which is forbidden for him to be in lands outside the kingdom; there he would be attacked fiercely by the hyenas; but thanks to the timely warning of Zazu, his faithful butler, King Mufasa manages to rescue his little son. But the ruthless Scar will have another opportunity to take full advantage, again he centers all his evil on the young and innocent Simba, with whom he takes a walk to a nearby canyon, in which he explains that he must wait for his father, who has a pleasant news for him, blindly trusting his uncle, Simba remains still waiting for his father, while Scar orders the hyenas to cause a stampede of Wildebeest to end Simba, when suddenly the King appears to rescue his little one, but things They do not go as they should and Mufasa falls down the cliff above the stampede and loses his life.

Simba is very confused by what happened, pain and despair overwhelm him, he doesn't know what to do; but his heartless uncle blames him for the death of his father, and tells him that he must flee and never return because otherwise he must pay with his life.
So this journey begins, Simba's life will be marked by great adventures and spectacular experiences.

Original title The Lion King
TMDb Rating 7.1 4228 votes

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