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The Hustle (2019)

The Hustle

They're giving dirty rotten men a run for their money 2019/5/9 94 min.
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Chris Addison
Chris Addison


Anne Hathaway is Josephine Chesterfield
Anne Hathaway
Josephine Chesterfield
Rebel Wilson is Penny Rust
Rebel Wilson
Penny Rust
Alex Sharp is Thomas Westerburg
Alex Sharp
Thomas Westerburg
Ingrid Oliver is Brigitte Desjardins
Ingrid Oliver
Brigitte Desjardins
Nicholas Woodeson is Albert
Nicholas Woodeson
Casper Christensen is Mathias
Casper Christensen
Dean Norris is Howard Bacon
Dean Norris
Howard Bacon
Timothy Simons is Jeremy
Timothy Simons
Emma Davies is Cathy
Emma Davies
Deepak Anand is Business Traveller
Deepak Anand
Business Traveller



Universal Pictures brings us its new production of the comedy genre, starring the Hollywoodense star, the beautiful Anne Hathaway who doubles with the unique actress and comedian Rebel Wilson; This film is a remake and adaptation to the feminine of the hit film "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" of nineteen eighty or eight, starring Steve Martin and Michael Caine, which in turn was also a remake of its predecessor and original story "Bedtime Story ”, Which was attended by Marlon Brandon and David Niven, and was projected in nineteen sixty-four.

The Hustle, the two thousand nineteen female remake premiered on May 10 with good reception from the general public exceeding fifty percent acceptance, and raising ninety-five million dollars at the box office level only on US soil, with an initial budget of twenty million dollars.

The leading cast is made up of the aforementioned Anne Hathaway as Josephine Chesterfield, and Rebel Wilson as Penny Rust, accompanied by Alex Sharp as Thomas Westerburg, Ingrid Oliver as Brigitte Desjardins, Dean Norris as Howard Bacon, Emma Davies as Cathy, Timothy Simons as Jeremy, Rob Delaney as Todd and Tim Blake Nelson as Portnoy.

Penny is a scammer from the lower suburbs of Sydney, Australia, who only seeks to get some bills from drunk men and low self-esteem, is the counterpart of the beautiful, elegant and educated Josephine Chesterfield, a brilliant British woman who cheats men more powerful and rich of the world snatching everything to their credit and breaking their hearts.

Both of them travel by train to the exclusive French Riviera, where they coincide for the first time, Penny demonstrates his “skills” by getting a free lunch, which brings grace to the stylized Josephine. Penny is arrested upon arrival in the French Riviera, and to her surprise it is Josephine who pays her bail and takes her out of prison; This asks him to leave the country and stop getting into trouble.

Penny discovers that everything was a trap of Josephine to get her out of her way; so she decides to take revenge, and a fierce egos competition begins, in the end the young Australian understands that learning from the famous Josephine Chesterfield is a unique opportunity, so she asks him to train her and help her improve.

The expert English scammer accepts the challenge and begins to educate Penny; shows you some reliable strategies of the trade; so the days pass and they get to know each other better and better, it is the beginning of a friendship; but the problems do not wait, the economic funds are over; Penny decides to take his way and undertake his first job, the victim, a local millionaire.
Both coincide and compete to show who is the best scammer, which leads to the failure of both. Annoying looking for another goal, this time will be a famous genius of technology that is passing through the French Riviera in search of sponsors for the launch of its mobile application.

Thomas Westerburg is a young philanthropist who loves mobile technology, who captivates everyone everywhere, presents himself as a being with good intentions who wants world welfare; Penny is seduced by her charms and despite Josephin's warnings, she is ripped off by Thomas with the excuse of needing funds to launch her application.

The female duo discovers that Thomas Westerburg is not who he says he is; He is the grandson of one of the most famous scammers in history, respected Medusa.
This fun and occasional tape will fill us with laughter through the ingenuities of this pair of compulsive scammers who seek to prove who is the best, but go from jackets to prey

Original title The Hustle
TMDb Rating 6.1 950 votes

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