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The Hard Way (2019)

The Hard Way

2019/3/5 94 min.
Average: 5.4 (57 votes)
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Keoni Waxman
Keoni Waxman


Michael Jai White is Payne
Michael Jai White
Luke Goss is Mason
Luke Goss
Randy Couture is Briggs
Randy Couture
Madalina Anea is Lacy Love
Madalina Anea
Lacy Love
Grant Campbell is Cody
Grant Campbell
George Remes is Joe Vig
George Remes
Joe Vig
Ovidiu Niculescu is Frankie Fine
Ovidiu Niculescu
Frankie Fine
Andreea Diac is Sky
Andreea Diac
Michaela Holla is Monica
Michaela Holla
Bogdan Farcas is Flanagan
Bogdan Farcas


This is a 1991 American movie directed by a television director, film director and English producer John Badham and produced by Rob Cohen and William Sackheim. The film was originally written by Lem Dobbs and Michael Kozoll both screenwriters in the world of the movies, they wor with Michael J. Fox is a Canadian-American actor; his career began in the late 1970s. Among his roles was Marty McFly in the trilogy of Back to the Future, James Woods is an American actor nominated for the Oscars and has received three Emmy Awards, Stephen Lang is an American Actor, Anabella Sciorra and Penny Marshall. The film has a running time of 111 minutes with a budget of $24 million and it eventually rakes in $64 million at the Box Office.

‘Party Chaser’, a renowned serial killer placed a call to the police to inform them about his imminent killing of someone at a night club giving the force a tough challenge to stop him. Unluckily, the officers are not able to catch the killer. He flees in the resulting chaos while Moss gets thrown off a vehicle when he tries to stop the murderer. As the latter nurses his injuries, he uttered uncouth statements to the media.
Nick Lang is a movie star who has been spoilt with excessive care. He trades his game in Hollywood and he's highly renowned as Joe Gunn. In the bid to make him get seen as a serious actor, he vies for the topmost role in a cop movie and swears to even join the police force so that he could adequately prepare for this. He was later selected as Moss's new colleague through his connections with NY City's Mayor, David Dinkins. Although Moss does not want to be a part to this, but he was compelled to agree by his captain. If he agrees, the latter would need to be absolved from the Party Crasher pending case.
After consequent attempts to abandon Nick, having defied orders as he forge ahead with findings, especially as Nick mimics his movement to the frustration of Moss. Nick wills to understand what it feels like to be a cop but Moss is always quick to make him remember how being a police can never be compared to acting a movie. In the meantime, Moss tried to manage an affair with Susan but he couldn't talk with her as Nick advised him on how to relate with womenfolk. The latter took the former to a building to catch a perp as he instructs him to stay behind offering him a gun should there be an emergency.
Nick shoots a man whom he thinks is a criminal but the man was later discovered to be a bystander. Moss decides to cover up the act and instructs the terrified Nick to go away from the town as soon as possible. Nick comes back for confession at the Police station only to find out that the dead person is a cop. Moss agains get him sent out of town. Nick finds Moss and tracks him down before entering a duel with the Party Crasher.
This makes him save Moss's life and Party Crasher gets wounded, although he killed a couple of people before he ran off. Again, Nick and Moss altogether fought with the Party Crasher on a billboard which advertises Nick's recent movie, “Smoking Gun II”. Susan then got saved and as Nick was shot in the chest, Moss eventually flings the Party Crasher off the roof which leads to his eventual death.

Original title The Hard Way
TMDb Rating 5.4 57 votes

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