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The Faceless Man (2019)

The Faceless Man

2019/10/12 106 Min.
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James Di Martino
James Di Martino


Sophie Thurling is Emily Beckman
Sophie Thurling
Emily Beckman
Lucas Pittaway is Kyle Jefferies
Lucas Pittaway
Kyle Jefferies
Andy McPhee is Eddie
Andy McPhee
Roger Ward is Dougie
Roger Ward
Albert Goikhman is Viktor Nov
Albert Goikhman
Viktor Nov
Brendan Bacon is Harrison Beckman
Brendan Bacon
Harrison Beckman
Daniel Reader is Barry
Daniel Reader
Daniel Facciolo is Brad Barns
Daniel Facciolo
Brad Barns
Lorin Kauffeld is Nina Hancock
Lorin Kauffeld
Nina Hancock
Martin Astifo is Dave Eddison
Martin Astifo
Dave Eddison


Emily is a getting better most cancers survivor of three years. Faced with her worry of getting ill once more, her satisfactory pal Nina plans a weekend away. Six buddies venture out to a rustic vacation residence to celebration over a weekend. Cut off from the rest of the arena they quickly examine the population are unsettling crimson neck those who terrorize and humiliate travelers. At the equal time a para-normal monster visible because the faceless guy haunts the house pushing the pals to their limits.

Original title The Faceless Man
TMDb Rating 10 1 votes

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