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The Divine Fury (2019)

The Divine Fury

Will you stand with good or evil? 2019/7/31 129 min.
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Kim Joo-hwan
Kim Joo-hwan


Park Seo-jun is Yong-hu
Park Seo-jun
Ahn Sung-ki is Father Ahn
Ahn Sung-ki
Father Ahn
Woo Do-Hwan is Ji-shin
Woo Do-Hwan
Choi Woo-shik is Priest Choi
Choi Woo-shik
Priest Choi
Park Ji-hyun is Su-jin
Park Ji-hyun
Jung Ji-hoon is Ho-seok
Jung Ji-hoon
Lee Seung-hee is Stranger
Lee Seung-hee
Sim Hee-seop is Priest Kim
Sim Hee-seop
Priest Kim
Kim See-eun is Teresa
Kim See-eun
Kim Seon-min is Angela
Kim Seon-min


Again the thriving South Korean film industry presents excellent drama and action production; written and directed by Asian Joo-hwan Kim and produced by KeyEast Studio 706.

Released on July thirty-first of two thousand and nineteen, starring the young South Korean actor Park Seo-Joon in the role of Yong Hoo; the respected and famous actor Ahn Sung Ki as Father Ahn; Choi Woo shink as Father Choi and Woo Do Hwan as the villain Ji Shin.

This unique story that mixes martial arts, religion and mysticism begins with the story of a young man marked by the hard blows that life itself gave him; a young man who at a very young age lost his parents in a tragic and terrible accident leaving orphaned and helpless.

This young man is Yong Hoo, who after having traveled a bitter path during his few years of life, achieves with much effort and dedication to become one of the best free martial arts fighters, positioning himself as a champion in the MMA.

 Yong Hoo maintains a terrible resentment with his God; he does not understand why he must have been the victim of so many negative things during his life; so he is not a very believing subject.

After a fight in the hex of the UFC in the United States of America, Yong Hoo suffers strange wounds on his hands; Upon returning to his country, he visits a clinic to carry out the corresponding studies, but the doctors do not understand what happens in the hands of the fighter, the injuries are seen with the naked eye but the exams show that nothing happens.

A therapist tells you that the answers you will not find there, go to a church; there he meets Father Choi, who, seeing his hands, takes him to the experienced father Ahn, an expert in religious manifestations, stigmas, and exorcism.

Father Ahn explains that they are not wounds caused by combat, but that they are stigmas, which is the appearance of wounds caused by the crucifixion of Jesus; and these are manifested in people who have a special gift and are destined to fight evil on earth.

Father Ahn takes the MMA champion as his disciple, shows him how demons really manifest on earth and how to fight them through exorcism and the power of prayer.

Ji Shin is a terrible and evil human being, who harbors a demon inside him, which gives him the ability to awaken the darkest and disturbing feelings of people leading them to commit terrible acts; Yong Hoo and Father Ahn must face him and defeat him using all his combat skills, both spiritual.

As an additional contribution, we can say that South Korean cinema is taking a big leap compared to its competitors within the Asian continent; creating renowned works, and perhaps matching a certain line of European cinema, as is the case with The Divine Fury.

Original title 사자
TMDb Rating 4.2 51 votes

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