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The Angry Birds Movie 2 (2019)

The Angry Birds Movie 2

Frenemies Unite 2019/8/2 96 min.
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Thurop Van Orman
Thurop Van Orman


Jason Sudeikis is Red (voice)
Jason Sudeikis
Red (voice)
Josh Gad is Chuck (voice)
Josh Gad
Chuck (voice)
Danny McBride is Bomb (voice)
Danny McBride
Bomb (voice)
Bill Hader is Leonard (voice)
Bill Hader
Leonard (voice)
Peter Dinklage is Mighty Eagle (voice)
Peter Dinklage
Mighty Eagle (voice)
Sterling K. Brown is Garry (voice)
Sterling K. Brown
Garry (voice)
Leslie Jones is Zeta (voice)
Leslie Jones
Zeta (voice)
Awkwafina is Courtney (voice)
Courtney (voice)
Rachel Bloom is Silver (voice)
Rachel Bloom
Silver (voice)
Zach Woods is Carl (voice)
Zach Woods
Carl (voice)


Angry Birds 2: The Movie came to theaters on August 23 this year. We have already seen it and can comment on this sequel based on the video game for smartphones Angry Birds by Rovio.

This second movie starts a while after the first Angry Birds film. Birds have adopted some of the inventions from pigs, such as slingshot, as their own tools. However, the scars are far from being closed. Red, Bomb and Chuck remain alert to any attack or attempted robbery of Leonardo and his henchmen.

However, the balance of power is unbalanced when a third player enters the scene. Leonardo, the king of pigs, discovers that Birds Island and Pigs Island are being bombed from a third and unknown icy island. The pig then decides to offer a truce to his enemies in order to restore peace in their respective territories. Something that will force him to ally with Red, who has not forgotten the tricks of the pigs.

Thus begins a new adventure for pigs and birds, visiting an unexplored land, willing to save what is most dear to them. But will they arrive on time?

When we see Angry Birds 2: The Movie we find a fundamental problem in the first instance. Which is that the original film did not, in principle, give rise to a sequel

The problem, when we see Angry Birds 2: The Movie is that there is no story as such. In many ways, the film is a succession of spinning gags in a particularly confusing way. On the one hand tries to make jokes "for adults", which only "parents" understand. On the other, it is extremely condescending and light, rolling the conflict or friction between pigs and birds, solving this central concept of the franchise easily. At this point, he it not quite specify very well who it wants to go to.

In parallel, the references to the video game are superfluous, characters like Stella and his flock, Terrence, Matilda or Hal are relegated to introduce Silver (whose appearance does not even resemble that of his game counterpart), devoting efforts to present a scenario very different and far away from the one we've seen on the game. It is true that the weapons and items of the game are integrated into the narrative, however, these have more symbolic or tribute value than a narrative resource, and can be ignored if the reference material is unknown

However, the main course of Angry Birds 2: The Movie is animation. Again Sony Animation Pictures demonstrate a know-how that competes withDreamworks and other large studios in the field. Those responsible for Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse and the trilogy of Hotel Transilvania, movies that performed remarkably well in the field of top-level animation. The fluidity of the frames and the exquisite taste and attention to detail is something that we have to value very positively.

In fact, the studio is becoming one of the main examples of excellence in its sector for its artistic work, thanks to works like this. Especially for a detail that characterizes them, which is almost a brand of the house: how they manage to impose the traditional animation language by applying it to digital and 3D animation. A resource that, by the way, we have already seen in several of his productions.

Overall, the feeling that the film leaves is that it is a film of childish nature, without too many plot pretensions, but which strong point is the technical and visual section. If we were to define Angry Birds 2: The Movie as a particular type of film, we would say that it is a correct film that is good for the summer, and that it serves as an excuse for the whole family to go together to the cinema. Parents will be entertained, even more than the children themselves on more than one occasion.

Original title The Angry Birds Movie 2
TMDb Rating 6.5 344 votes

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