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Terminator: Dark Fate (2019)

Terminator: Dark Fate

Welcome to the day after judgement day 2019/10/23 N/A Min.
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Tim Miller
Tim Miller


Natalia Reyes is Dani Ramos
Natalia Reyes
Dani Ramos
Mackenzie Davis is Grace
Mackenzie Davis
Linda Hamilton is Sarah Connor
Linda Hamilton
Sarah Connor
Arnold Schwarzenegger is T-800 "Model 101" / Carl
Arnold Schwarzenegger
T-800 "Model 101" / Carl
Edward Furlong is John Connor
Edward Furlong
John Connor
Diego Boneta is
Diego Boneta
Gabriel Luna is Rev-9
Gabriel Luna
Jude Collie is John Connor (Body Double)
Jude Collie
John Connor (Body Double)
Brett Azar is T-800 "Model 101" (Body Double)
Brett Azar
T-800 "Model 101" (Body Double)
Enrique Arce is
Enrique Arce


27 years after the occasions of Terminator 2: Judgment Day, a new, changed liquid metallic Terminator is sent from the destiny with the aid of Skynet in an effort to terminate Dani Ramos, a hybrid cyborg human, and her friends. Sarah Connor involves their aid, as well as the unique Terminator, for a combat for the future.

Original title Terminator: Dark Fate
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