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Tall Girl (2019)

Tall Girl

When you don't fit in, stand tall 2019/9/13 101 min.
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Nzingha Stewart
Nzingha Stewart


Ava Michelle is Jodi Kreyman
Ava Michelle
Jodi Kreyman
Sabrina Carpenter is Harper Kreyman
Sabrina Carpenter
Harper Kreyman
Griffin Gluck is Jack Dunkleman
Griffin Gluck
Jack Dunkleman
Luke Eisner is Stig Mohlin
Luke Eisner
Stig Mohlin
Paris Berelc is Liz
Paris Berelc
Clara Wilsey is Kimmy Sticher
Clara Wilsey
Kimmy Sticher
Anjelika Washington is Fareeda
Anjelika Washington
Angela Kinsey is Helanie Kreyman
Angela Kinsey
Helanie Kreyman
Steve Zahn is Richie Kreyman
Steve Zahn
Richie Kreyman
Rico Paris is Schnipper
Rico Paris


Most girls want to be taller. Magazines indicate that long legs allow wearing dresses like nobody else could, which will be more stylized, but the new Netflix movie reveals another side of the story and tells us that height can also be a problem, actually. This is the drama of the new romantic heroine of Tall Girl, an imminent film by Netflix. The platform already has a new romantic and adolescent comedy that you won't be able not to watch.

Tall Girl offers a story that is entertaining enough to give 100 minutes a chance, and we have to tell you that although it may not be perfect or the movie of the year or win an Oscar, for some sweet entertainment it will surely do the job for you. The characters are not as stereotyped as on other occasions and the protagonists have a special charm that moves and makes them credible, despite the fact that the story is repeated, maybe a bit exaggerated, but nothing so serious that it could drown it into the trash.

It is already known that in the matter of school bullying everything serves as a reason to mortify the weakest: they can bother you for being either skinny, fat, black, nose, ugly, pretty, dawned and a very, very long etcetera.

If you are one of those who enjoyed previous movies like My First Kiss, Sierra Burgess is a Loser or To All The Boys I've Loved Before, Tall Girl is your movie. And is that Jodi Kreiman (Ava Michelle) scares men. She gets up from her chair, with her 185 centimeters high, and the boys run away as if her stature was a threat to their masculinity. But this changes when a new student arrives at the institute who is as tall as she is. Is it enough to finally find love?

The film reminds us that school is sometimes a cruel place, although it may seem to many that the tape exaggerates and that a white, pretty and tall girl should not happen.

But it happens, especially today, in environments full of falsehood that feed on appearances, what you have (and not what you are), and the judgments and likes of others.

Directed by Nzingha Stewart, Tall Girl is the fourth collaboration between Netflix and the Wonderland of Sound and Vision producer, which is behind the first time we saw each other and The babysitters. The tall girl of the title, Ava Michelle is beautiful, she's one of the few models that exceed the 1.80mts of height in real life (the movie does not make use of any special effects with her) and the ideal is to stay below this number.

Jodi is a pretty, nice and intelligent girl, but she is 1.85 meters tall, which makes her the target of the usual annoying. All that makes her insecure and, therefore, does not dare to date anyone who is shorter than her. That, despite the fact that her best and short friend is in love with her (an interesting Griffin Gluck).

The protagonist, on the other hand, observes that a boy who is tall and handsome (Luke Eisner), but apart from that, little else has to offer him, worried about being popular and falsely charming the rest for being a newcomer since abroad.

A simple film, directed by Nzingha Stewart, which manages to move, also filmed in one of the most beautiful cities in the United States (New Orleans). In any case, this will not be the great premiere of Netflix for this year, nor is it intended to be.

Original title Tall Girl
TMDb Rating 6.2 637 votes

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