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Steven Universe: The Movie (2019)

Steven Universe: The Movie

The true kinda love. 2019/9/2 82 min.
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Rebecca Sugar
Rebecca Sugar


Zach Callison is Steven Universe
Zach Callison
Steven Universe
Estelle is Garnet
Deedee Magno is Pearl
Deedee Magno
Michaela Dietz is Amethyst
Michaela Dietz
Sarah Stiles is Spinel
Sarah Stiles
Tom Scharpling is Greg Universe
Tom Scharpling
Greg Universe
Uzo Aduba is Bismuth
Uzo Aduba
Shelby Rabara is Peridot
Shelby Rabara
Jennifer Paz is Lapis Lazuli
Jennifer Paz
Lapis Lazuli
Patti LuPone is Yellow Diamond
Patti LuPone
Yellow Diamond


The launch of Steven Universe: The Movie left more than satisfied its millions of followers, especially those in the United States, where it was released on September 2.

And the most interesting thing about it is that the film, issued by Cartoon Network, is the continuation of five seasons in which Steven, as a child, learns to manage the powers of his quartz gem, inherited from his deceased mother, so he aims to help the rest of gems in the missions to defend humanity, a plot with a lot of potential that has served for many cute and meaningful messages and lessons throughout the years, and the movie it's no exception.

In this great installment, the protagonist, who is already 16 years old and with a more adult aspect, after declaring that he does not want to inherit his mother's throne, returns to Earth to resume his family life and reunite again with his friends.

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Apparently everything is going well, but something happens: the unexpected arrival of a supposedly adorable crystal gem, which is actually evil and goes by the name Spinel, who will eventually become Steven's enemy.

Although Spinel's arrival is surprising, it breaks the scheme of life that Steven had set. He feels like he's a loser in a  game he didn't actually know he was a part of, but still he believes that this time, luckily, he'll win, or at least that's what he tells the teenager and his friends, but after an explosive fight, the boy's companion gems return to their primitive states and do not know who he is.

To help him, Spinel tries to reconstruct the memories of the gems, but noting that Steven wants to work this aspect separately, he makes her enraged.

Spinel was Pink Diamond's playmate, but everything changed completely when she was abandoned making her heart filled with bitterness and resentment.

The awakening of these deep buried feelings inside her will cause the city to end up almost totally destroyed, if it wasn't for Steven's will and courage to fight Spinel and show her an even more powerful fuel than rage; love.

She tries her best to trust Steven after he saves her, but it's more complicated doing it than saying it.


This villain might be named after a precious stone that reflects its elasticity and flexibility, since it's well known that the creators of the series always name their characters to match their individual personality, one way or another, with the stone that inspires their name. In this case, we're talking about the red spinel, which is a kind of mineral used for making very elastic ceramics, so that they somehow are able to expand as twice their initial size.

Rebecca Sugar, creator of the series, who also directed the film, gave an interview to TVLine in which she talked about some important aspects of the film in which Spinel intervenes.

In it she says that the actions of this gem triggered a kind of reboot effect for everyone because she wanted the fans to experience again some favorite moments that they lived in the animated series.

She also points out that with Spinel's story that was abandoned by her best friend, she wants people to eliminate the idea that it's okay to be a work in progress.

Steven Universe: The Movie’ has an animated narrator at the beginning, reminding fans of some points from the past to appreciate the battle that little heroes are about to face.

Sugar noted that this was done so that people who have no knowledge of the program will have an “intensive course” of Steven Universe while for fans of the series it is like a celebration of all the links created throughout all these years.

Original title Steven Universe: The Movie
TMDb Rating 8.7 115 votes

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