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Spider-Man: Far from Home (2019)

Spider-Man: Far from Home

It’s time to step up. 2019/6/28 129 min.
Average: 7.6 (5825 votes)
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Jon Watts
Jon Watts


Tom Holland is Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Tom Holland
Peter Parker / Spider-Man
Jake Gyllenhaal is Quentin Beck / Mysterio
Jake Gyllenhaal
Quentin Beck / Mysterio
Zendaya is Michelle "MJ" Jones
Michelle "MJ" Jones
Jon Favreau is Harold "Happy" Hogan
Jon Favreau
Harold "Happy" Hogan
Samuel L. Jackson is Nick Fury
Samuel L. Jackson
Nick Fury
Marisa Tomei is May Parker
Marisa Tomei
May Parker
Jacob Batalon is Ned Leeds
Jacob Batalon
Ned Leeds
Angourie Rice is Betty Brant
Angourie Rice
Betty Brant
Tony Revolori is Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Tony Revolori
Eugene "Flash" Thompson
Remy Hii is Brad Davis
Remy Hii
Brad Davis


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Spiderman is one of the classics of the Marvel company, and is one of the heroes who have marked our childhood, because everybody have a favorite hero, and this man in his red suit is not the exception. For this occasion we can see it in a new adventure called SpiderMan far from Home.

In this filmin, we can see the young Peter Parker again in his super red suit, a hero who has saved a million lives, apparently and at first  seems he looks like a normal teenager, but something that we do not imagine is that behind that appearance of a High school boy, there are many powers and great secrets.

In Spiderman far from Home now Peter is in great sadness after losing one of the greatest battles in the history of Marvel's heroes, he lost to his friend and mentor Tony Stark, all of this has caused that this boy wanted to retire and want to have a seemingly normal life, so he decides to get away from the problems and his superhero life, for this he takes a vacations with his friends, something that seemed normal.

However, this vacations that looked very comfortable and full of fun, take an unexpected turn when Peter is found by Nick Furia, who now gives a very important task for this boy, because he must to put  the red suit again, to find some mysterious and terrible creatures called the Elementals, who are creating total chaos and destruction throughout the continent.

We remember Nick Fury, who for this opportunity arrives to entrust a new task to Peter, for this he decides to travel to Mexico in search of this hero, because they need to investigate something  new a strange energy, which has originated a portal that leads to other worlds; Fury on his journey meets Quentin Beck, a villain, who tells him that he is coming from an alternate world and tells him about the hole and the multi-universe.


This new filming we can see how these new universes that is open up, begin to cause thousands and thousands of problems. All of this will teach us what is going to happen with our heroes in the future, since Dr. Stephen had exposed us the existence of alternate realities, in End Game, Ant Man and The Wasp. We saw the quantum kingdom and time travel , now we find the multi-universes.

All of these new events will make a big difference in the life of this Marvel world, since our favorite heroes will be faced with a new reality. The plot unfolds correctly and shows sequence with what we could see in the long films mentioned above; the illusions and fighting.

It is important to note that the film had a good reception from the audience, given that it obtained a 95% approval thanks to its excellent scenes full of action and its image in high quality, something that allowed us to feel a connection with this great hero.

Original title Spider-Man: Far from Home
TMDb Rating 7.6 5825 votes

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