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Sextuplets (2019)


2019/8/16 100 Min.
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5.9 186 votes


Michael Tiddes
Michael Tiddes


Marlon Wayans is Alan
Marlon Wayans
Michael Ian Black is Doug
Michael Ian Black
Molly Shannon is Linda
Molly Shannon
Glynn Turman is Leland
Glynn Turman
Bresha Webb is Marie
Bresha Webb
Debbi Morgan is Janet
Debbi Morgan
Robert Pralgo is Dr. Williams
Robert Pralgo
Dr. Williams
Patti Schellhaas is Doctor
Patti Schellhaas
Jwaundace Candece is Prison Guard
Jwaundace Candece
Prison Guard
Jason Graham is Dr. Ellis
Jason Graham
Dr. Ellis


Marlon Wayans is a comedian and actor that we like and we like him... most of the time. Many will know him for the first two installments of "Scary Movie" (which have not stood the test of time well), for "Two Blondes Of Chest Hair" (careful because it is rumored sequel), "Small But Bully" or "The Neighborhood Colleagues.”

All of them have in common that they are comedies as fun and enjoyable, as silly and use and throw. There's no more. Recently, the good of Marlon brought another exclusive movie for Netflix, "Nude", which was kind of popular and successfull, although it was nothing of the other world, in addition to starring for the platform the series "Marlon", which is a nice sitcom that serves to entertain for a little while.

As you can see, all the products offered by one of the Wayans brothers are to escape a while and point. The problem is that this time he has been less careful (apart from starring, he has also written this thing) and has brought us a movie that deserves to be forgotten as quickly as it is consumed, since nothing works on it, and we're talking about Sextuplets. But let's go in parts.

We will not enter in the direction  aspect of it, because in products of this nature it never stands out, but we will comment that the special effects leave a lot to be desired. Therefore, better focus on the script... Well, in the lack of it, since we are facing a story full of clichés, with a message too stubborn, some characters each more stupid and unbearable (neither the protagonist nor the secondary ones) and what is worse, we are facing a comedy that is not funny. That fact should be punishable by law, because, since you swallow a meaningless stupid plolt, at least a little laugh is expected, but not with this one.

As for the cast, Marlon Wayans plays Eddie Murphy (as in "The Mad Professor" and his mythical sequel... but mythically bad), and he doesn't do it well, although he tries. This time he has to play six characters, brothers, and we've all seen them already. The aggressive sister, the small face, the rabble of the neighborhood, or the main character (which is very similar to the one we get to see in "Nude").

They are not his best interpretations, of course, although it shows that he tries, but we think he is capable of more. The problem is that the story does not fit very well, and everything that involves it is a failure, making the set mediocre, forgettable and very expendable.

In conclusion, and although we appreciate the good of Marlon, we are facing a waste of time, insufferable and not at all recommended, and that thickens, even more, the painful catalog of exclusive films that the platform has. We have already mentioned Netflix quality filters on occasions.

A pity, because with a little laugh and enjoy the trip we would've been satisfied, and maybe it was not so difficult to achieve. We really hope Marlon takes note, and takes more care next time, because we think he is capable of much more.

Apart from the challenges posed by makeup and filming hours, much thought and work had to come into play when Wayans's only stage partner was himself.

The movie reminds of a typical Wayans comedy. There are antics that involve car chases, stolen kidneys and a fight in the parking lot, lots of comings and goings between polarly opposed personalities and family backgrounds that give the comic story a little more flavor, among all of its disasters.

Original title Sextuplets
TMDb Rating 5.9 186 votes

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