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Serenity (2019)


On Plymouth Island, no one ever dies… unless you break the rules 2019/1/24 102 min.
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Steven Knight
Steven Knight


Matthew McConaughey is Baker Dill
Matthew McConaughey
Baker Dill
Anne Hathaway is Karen Zariakas
Anne Hathaway
Karen Zariakas
Jason Clarke is Frank Zariakas
Jason Clarke
Frank Zariakas
Diane Lane is Constance
Diane Lane
Djimon Hounsou is Duke
Djimon Hounsou
Jeremy Strong is Reid Miller
Jeremy Strong
Reid Miller
Charlotte Butler is Lois
Charlotte Butler
David Butler is Jack
David Butler
Rafael Sayegh is Patrick
Rafael Sayegh
Michael Richard is Ron
Michael Richard


A 2019 spine chiller motion picture, created, composed and coordinated by Steven Knight. The film features a couple of stars including Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, and other exceptional on-screen characters.

It seeks after the commander of a fishing boat who moved nearer to his ex to execute her injurious new mate. First revealed in January 2017, essential photography on the film began the Island of Mauritius that July.


Dill is the commander of a fishing boat continuing with a tranquil and protected life on an island off the shoreline of Florida. He experiences his days driving visits off a calm, tropical, Island called Plymouth Island and is focused on getting "Equity", a sneaky goliath fish.

Sooner or later, his ex-Karen tracks him down with a tense solicitation for help. She requests that Dill saves her and their young kid from her new, horrible companion, Frank, offering Dill $10 million to drop her loved one into the ocean for the sharks to eat. She uncovers to Dill that Frank will arrive later in the week and that they have booked Dill for a calculating trek, the perfect open entryway for Dill to drop him over the edge.

Torn between what is great and awful, Dill is pushed again into a genuine presence he'd endeavored to disregard, as his world is jumped into another reality that may not be all that it shows up.

It after a short time winds up obvious that Dill is a character in a PC amusement, one arranged by his child, Patrick. Dill, whose certifiable name is John Mason, was executed in Iraq in 2006. Patrick had assembled the character regarding a memory of his father taking him calculating when he was three years old. They didn't get any fish (which is the reason Dill can't get Justice), yet when Karen, a widow, remarries, Patrick later exhibits his mother and harsh development father as new characters in the preoccupation, and changes Dill's errand from getting fish to murdering his movement father.

Dill a little while later begins to comprehend that he and diverse inhabitants of Plymouth Island are simply characters made by his youngster. Everything considered, he obliges the objective of butchering Frank.

As Dill does the objective; Patrick summons up the valor to go facing Frank, everything considered and cuts him in the chest with a cutting edge that used to have a spot with his father. Straight to the point kicks the bucket and Patrick is blamed for manslaughter yet he is released into his mother's custody while envisioning preliminary. He structures another PC amusement in which he and his father are united.

Original title Serenity
TMDb Rating 5.2 598 votes

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