Secret Obsession (2019)

Secret Obsession

He’s there to take care of her. 2019/7/18 97 Min.
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Peter Sullivan
Peter Sullivan


Brenda Song is Jennifer Williams
Brenda Song
Jennifer Williams
Mike Vogel is Russell Williams
Mike Vogel
Russell Williams
Dennis Haysbert is Détective Frank Page
Dennis Haysbert
Détective Frank Page
Ashley Scott is Nurse Masters
Ashley Scott
Nurse Masters
Paul Sloan is Jim Kahn
Paul Sloan
Jim Kahn
Daniel Booko is Real Russell
Daniel Booko
Real Russell
Scott Peat is Ray
Scott Peat
Blair Hickey is Scott
Blair Hickey
Michael Patrick McGill is Capt. Fitzpatrick
Michael Patrick McGill
Capt. Fitzpatrick
Casey Leach is Charlie
Casey Leach


It is a Netflix film, of the psychological Thriller genre, the total time of duration is 97 minutes. This movie is produced by Hybrid films and distributed by Netflix. the witer is Peter Sullivan and Kraig Wenman, both write the script. Musically at the hands of James Dooley. And photography by Eitan Almagor. The film will be released on July 18  2019. And directed by Peter Sullivan.

Among the distribution of the film, there are the following artists:

The 31 year old actress, singer and model Brenda Song. In the prinipal role we can watch Jennifer Allen an American nationality actress, but her origen is Thai and Chinese. He has worked at Londo Tipton, The suite life. Mike Vogel in the role of Russell Williams, 40-year-old actor and model born in the United States. he work in film like: They say there and Poseidon

The movie also present other actors such as:
Vogel as Russell Williams, Dennis Haysbert, Ashley Sloan, Daniel Booko, Blair Hickey, Michael Patrick, Casey Leach and Jim Hanna.


It is a project that brings Netflix . A film that brings many emotions. All starts when Jennifer suffers an accident, and then appears in a hospital, without having her memories. A man who claims to be her husband will be at her side at all times. That's when Secret Obsession begins, the films, which reaffirms Netflix's works of wives who distrust their partner. Is it that Jennifer is sleeping with the enemy? Let's wait for the development of the movie.

Sometimes it is difficult to suspect someone, who seeks to protect and takes her to the home they shared before the accident happened. But not everything ends there, within the new life that is up to Jennifer, events will occur that will make her doubt him. Likewise, the person in charge of investigating the accident will have the flooded husband as the first suspect.

Her accident was a consequence of something, it is the hypothesis that the investigator has. There are many details surrounding the case. Everything gets complicated in each scene, until the moment arrives when the audience shudders, before so many emotions.  Everything is action, suspense, it is amazing. The idea is to fall in love with the viewer, who does not have time to disperse. Almost real moments are lived, due to the acting quality, which participates.

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If something is really true, it is that this film is a true Thrillers, which has an extensive script and subjective images.
The truth is that the thriller fans love those scenes in which people try to get out of their moorings before their captors return from the bathroom or shopping. But this film does not deliver much more than that: a couple of scenes with shocks, mysteries to solve (but quite predictable), and a handful of loose ends that remain.

The producers bet on this films, they have taken care of every technical detail that will ensure the cinematographic quality. In the same way they have worked hard in the production of it, in order to arouse maximum interest in lovers of the seventh art.

Original title Secret Obsession
TMDb Rating 5.4 398 votes

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