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Rambo: Last Blood (2019)

Rambo: Last Blood

Everyone has one more fight in them 2019/9/19 89 min.
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Adrian Grunberg
Adrian Grunberg


Sylvester Stallone is John Rambo
Sylvester Stallone
John Rambo
Paz Vega is Carmen
Paz Vega
Sergio Peris-Mencheta is Hugo Martínez
Sergio Peris-Mencheta
Hugo Martínez
Adriana Barraza is María Beltrán
Adriana Barraza
María Beltrán
Yvette Monreal is Gabriela
Yvette Monreal
Genie Kim is Bar Patron
Genie Kim
Bar Patron
Joaquín Cosio is Don Manuel
Joaquín Cosio
Don Manuel
Óscar Jaenada is Víctor Martínez
Óscar Jaenada
Víctor Martínez
Pascacio López is 'El Flaco'
Pascacio López
'El Flaco'
Alexander Dimitrov is Heli Pilot
Alexander Dimitrov
Heli Pilot


Rambo: Last Blood is a very honest movie. It has the right parts of violence and nostalgia for any fan of the saga to consider it as a good climax... And that itself it's a very difficult task. The difficulty lies in the blows that the character has given since his first appearance - masterly - in the first movie in 1982. In the adaptation of the novel First Blood by David Morrell (1972) we met a veteran of the Vietnam War; a green beret traumatized by what he had seen on the front and unable to reintegrate into society. 

In fact, Rambo II (1985) and Rambo 3 (1988) practically distorted the hero. The drama became an action cinema and the physical deployment of Stallone was accompanied by a count of dead on screen (247 in the second installment) that was a milestone in the history of cinema. In 2008 we could enjoy John Rambo, directed by Stallone himself, in which the soldier -because despite leaving the army, has never stopped being so- matured. In that film, it gave part of the prominence to a group of mercenaries, and the combat sequences were more restrained (no tanks crashing into helicopters) but equally raw.

In Rambo Last Blood, directed by Adrian Grunberg and with a script by Matthew Cirulnicky and Stallone himself, John Rambo claims all the prominence. The film manages to remain in balance between the dramatic part and the carnage, and for the first time, we contemplate John talking about himself. Until now, Colonel Sam Trautman (Richard Crenna) was the one who had told us most about Rambo: "He would eat things that would make a goat vomit. What you call hell, he calls home."

But in the movie that premieres on September 20, he portrays himself. We meet a veteran who has not managed to forget, who lives in isolation, but strives to integrate into a world that is quite alien to him. And as expected, when things get twisted, the killing machine that has kept dormant all these years comes out again.

If the previous films of the saga were war cinema, in this case, we find a modern western. Maybe the fact that Rambo has retired to a ranch in Arizona and that he starts the story riding with a cowboy hat is already an obvious clue. But in this case, it is a twilight story. It is the story of a mature man, with nothing to lose, and he has to kill for the last time when a young woman (whom he treats as if he were his niece) falls into the hands of a prostitution network in Mexico, on the other side of the border.

In just 90 minutes, the movie is able to tell a lot, partly thanks to some villains, the Martínez brothers (Óscar Jaenada and Sergio Peris-Mencheta) credible, within their conventional role. If you wonder about the work of Paz Vega as the journalist Carmen Delgado, it is a common piece in the saga: Co Bao (the girl from Rambo 2) or the missionary Sarah Miller (John Rambo), it is the only support of the character. They are strong women who push the character, but inside they sympathize with him.

As we have started our review, it is a good closure for the saga, which takes up both sides of the character and finds a good point of balance; It is entertaining, the action sequences are somewhat exaggerated, but forceful, and finally gives a few lines of dialogue to the character.

Original title Rambo: Last Blood
TMDb Rating 5.9 1106 votes

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