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Playing with Fire (2019)

Playing with Fire

0% Contained 2019/11/8 96 min.
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In the movie Serica, about a young girl, Anna, playing with fire, four generations of family members, including Serica, are teased and made fun of. The whole family is made to suffer by a mean father, who holds grudges and enjoys seeing others suffer.

One day, a woman named Celia begins to show signs of love for her son. As this happens, her son, Irvin, comes to see her. He says that he misses his mom and sister. Celia tells him that he needs to get away from his father, and then she makes him promise to stop going to their father.

The next day, after Irvin goes out to play and Celia says that he doesn't need to get away from his father, he gets in his car. A few minutes later, Celia is found dead in the street. Irvin picks up her car and begins to drive away, but he realizes that he still has a family and decides to stop and see them.

In the movie, I think that Celia's death, was a great way to help promote the Serica movie. In one scene, one of the characters becomes upset at his wife for dying, and he does not want to see her anymore, and this causes him to want to leave her.

After his eulogy, he is left alone and in complete despair. For about three hours, he just sits there and thinks about all of the things that he is missing. Then, he is contacted by a lawyer who wants to make him promise not to leave his wife and child again.

The problem with this is that you have to believe that the lawyer is telling the truth, because in the movie, this happens. However, I will be honest; even if I was not watching a movie about a love story, I wouldn't believe what I was hearing.

My husband told me that it was his opinion that Celia was murdered. Therefore, when I looked up some facts about her death, I decided to ask my husband what he thought. My husband said that while he agrees that Celia died because she was a loved one, he believes that Celia was killed by her husband.

What I think should have happened in the movie is that Celia should have gotten away from her husband and their father. Instead, she got herself killed because she was close to her loved ones. So, I am going to tell you what I believe happened to Celia.

Original title Playing with Fire
TMDb Rating 6.4 134 votes

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