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Pet Sematary (2019)

Pet Sematary

Sometimes dead is better 2019/4/4 101 min.
Average: 5.8 (1569 votes)
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Kevin Kolsch
Kevin Kolsch
Dennis Widmyer
Dennis Widmyer


Jason Clarke is Louis Creed
Jason Clarke
Louis Creed
Amy Seimetz is Rachel Creed
Amy Seimetz
Rachel Creed
Jeté Laurence is Ellie Creed
Jeté Laurence
Ellie Creed
John Lithgow is Jud Crandall
John Lithgow
Jud Crandall
Hugo Lavoie is Gage Creed
Hugo Lavoie
Gage Creed
Obssa Ahmed is Victor Pascow
Obssa Ahmed
Victor Pascow
Alyssa Brooke Levine is Zelda
Alyssa Brooke Levine
Maria Herrera is Marcella
Maria Herrera
Frank Schorpion is Rachel's Father
Frank Schorpion
Rachel's Father
Linda E. Smith is Rachel's Mother
Linda E. Smith
Rachel's Mother


>“Pet Semetery”, was brought to the big screen in 1989, under the direction of Mary Lambert. It was written by Stephen King, who said he was pleased with the adaptation of his novel. He expressed currently.

The new version of the work has arrived, under the direction of Kevin Kölsch an American director and screenwriter and Dennis Widmyer a young film director who was born in the United States. In this new film we will find important variations in relation to the original theme, because we can watch better scenes with a good picture quality and the topic easier to understand.

The film start with Dr. Louis Cree, his wife Rachel and their children, they leave in Boston, but they need to take the desition to move to what will be their new home, in a remote location in Maine an unknown place, which keeps a lot of secrets.

Nearby their house lives Judson "Jud", an elderly man who is very lonely, he establishes a very close friendship with Louis, one day they go for a walk in the woods, on the way they find the pets cemetery, where the children of the city bury their dead animals with a peculiar procession.

Because of this, the daughter of Louis and Rachel asks about the death, which brings as a consequence, a heated discussion facing with the great dilemma of talking with their daughter about death. Louis who is a rational man chooses to tell his daughter the truth, while Rachel chooses to tell her about heaven.

The directors Dennis Widmyer and Kevin Kölsch created truly terrifying scenes that will make you embrace your companion or bite a pillow.However, the film does not quite achieve the desired range, taking into account that the plot of the film that talks about death and loss. It gives what it promises, but it did not dare to more.

One of the points, we can highlight as viewers is the great difference between these two films, since in the first, we are shown a fairly dense and long movie with more realistic scenes. We can not fail to mention that both films stand out for giving us some magnificent scenes.

This movie has been well accepted and has received very good reviews from horror lovers, those who have seen it say, is a film that manages to lead you to a great and excessive feeling of disturbance when you see that feeling of death.

Original title Pet Sematary
TMDb Rating 5.8 1569 votes

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