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Our Mothers (2019)

Our Mothers

2019/5/21 78 Min.
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César Díaz
César Díaz


Armando Espitia is
Armando Espitia
Emma Dib is
Emma Dib
Aurelia Caal is
Aurelia Caal
Julio Serrano Echeverría is
Julio Serrano Echeverría
Victor Moreira is
Victor Moreira


Guatemala, 2013. The country is riveted at the trial of the navy officials who began the civil conflict. The sufferers’ testimonials preserve pouring in. Ernesto, a younger anthropologist on the Forensic Foundation, identifies people who have long gone missing. One day, via an antique lady’s tale, Ernesto thinks he has observed a lead so as to allow him to locate his father, a guerillero who disappeared throughout the conflict.

Original title Nuestras Madres
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