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One Piece: Stampede (2019)

One Piece: Stampede

2019/8/9 101 Min.
Average: 8.3 (29 votes)
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Takashi Ōtsuka
Takashi Ōtsuka


Mayumi Tanaka is Monkey D. Luffy (voice)
Mayumi Tanaka
Monkey D. Luffy (voice)
Kazuya Nakai is Roronoa Zoro (voice)
Kazuya Nakai
Roronoa Zoro (voice)
Akemi Okamura is Nami (voice)
Akemi Okamura
Nami (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi is Usopp (voice)
Kappei Yamaguchi
Usopp (voice)
Hiroaki Hirata is Vinsmoke Sanji (voice)
Hiroaki Hirata
Vinsmoke Sanji (voice)
Ikue Otani is Tony Tony Chopper (voice)
Ikue Otani
Tony Tony Chopper (voice)
Yuriko Yamaguchi is Nico Robin (voice)
Yuriko Yamaguchi
Nico Robin (voice)
Kazuki Yao is Franky (voice)
Kazuki Yao
Franky (voice)
Choo is Brook (voice)
Brook (voice)
Tsutomu Isobe is Douglas Bullet (voice)
Tsutomu Isobe
Douglas Bullet (voice)


One Piece: Stampede is a stand-alone film that celebrates the anime's twentieth Anniversary and takes area outdoor the canon of the "One Piece" TV collection. Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat pirate team are invited to a large Pirate Festival that brings most of the most iconic characters from in the course of the franchise to participate in competition with the Straw Hats to locate Roger's treasure. It additionally pits the Straw Hats against a brand new enemy named Bullet, a former member of Roger's group.

Original title ワンピーススタンピード
TMDb Rating 8.3 29 votes

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