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One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (2019)

One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk

2019/9/13 112 Min.
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Zacharias Kunuk
Zacharias Kunuk


Apayata Kotierk is Noah Piugattuk
Apayata Kotierk
Noah Piugattuk
Kim Bodnia is Isumataq (Boss)
Kim Bodnia
Isumataq (Boss)
Benjamin Kunuk is Evaluarjuk (Ningiuq)
Benjamin Kunuk
Evaluarjuk (Ningiuq)


In April 1961, John Kennedy is America’s new President, the Cold War heats up in Berlin and nuclear bombers are deployed from bases in arctic Canada. In Kapuivik, north Baffin Island, Noah Piugattuk’s nomadic Inuit band live and hunt via dog team as his ancestors did when he changed into born in 1900. When the white man referred to as Boss arrives at Piugattuk’s searching camp, what seems as a danger assembly quickly opens up the prospect of momentous exchange. Boss is an agent of the government, assigned to get Piugattuk to transport his band to settlement housing and send his children to school if you want to get jobs and make money. But Kapuivik is Piugattuk’s place of origin. He takes no part inside the Canadian enjoy; and can not consider what his youngsters might do with cash.

Original title One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk
TMDb Rating N/A 1 votes

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