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Night Hunter (2019)

Night Hunter

Some reflections are deadly. 2019/8/29 98 min.
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David Raymond
David Raymond


Henry Cavill is Marshall
Henry Cavill
Ben Kingsley is Cooper
Ben Kingsley
Alexandra Daddario is Rachel
Alexandra Daddario
Stanley Tucci is Commissioner Harper
Stanley Tucci
Commissioner Harper
Brendan Fletcher is Simon
Brendan Fletcher
Minka Kelly is Angie
Minka Kelly
Nathan Fillion is Quinn
Nathan Fillion
Carlyn Burchell is Amy Stulls
Carlyn Burchell
Amy Stulls
Eliana Jones is Lara
Eliana Jones
Mpho Koaho is Glasgow
Mpho Koaho


Nomis, also known as Night Hunter, is the No. 1 feature film by writer David Raymond, who is also a director. The film is starring by Henry Cavill who plays a sad and sober United Kingdom policeman who is searching to a serial killer, characterized as a kidnapper and rapist.

This begins with a chase late at night in the snowy forest when a young woman is crying, she finds a very little clothes runs away from something terrifying. Next, Henry is studying his 13-year-old daughter because she has an Internet addiction hanging around her head, who might want to take advantage of his little daughter's innocence in networks.

Next, a lascivious young man who is led to believe that he will sleep with an innocent girl, but in reality, this is a trap in a hotel room; as punishment they grant the castration performed by a doctor by profession.

Raymond is the one who sends Henry Cavill to a mansion that is outside the city to assist in the rescue of some children who are kidnapped, the truth is that they are held by a maniac, with mental instability called Simon.

On the other hand, we must highlight the great performance of Brendan Fletcher who plays Simon, Brendan is a Canadian actor who has been active in the film world since 1996 and is known for his role in Tideland.

At the beginning of the filming, we see how the newcomer of the police department sees in this case an appealing topic regarding the psychological issue, which due to the results is in disagreement with the policeman Cavill.

But quickly, and to fill the glass half full, the police realize that this demonic character is not working alone, due to his great change because of the arrest of personalities he has in himself.

Gradually, and in Nomis develops the pace is accelerating, however, it is a film that accumulates points against him, since according to critics the film suddenly jumps with insecure steps that you want to capture our attention in a way desperate to make some inexplicable connections that are vaguely real, taking us out of the tension that scenes that are really good can cause us.

'Nomis' revolves around the reference character of Simon (Brendan Fletcher, we saw him in 'The Return'), in a rather difficult and extremely versatile interpretation. Simon's profile is perhaps the starting point of this intrigue and the beginning of this complicated investigation. In addition to the Marshall figure of Cavill, Fletcher with his Simon is, without a doubt, the key to everything and one of the figures that makes this film more interesting, without falling as has been said in the cliches of the genre.

Original title Night Hunter
TMDb Rating 6 175 votes

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