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Men in Black: International (2019)

Men in Black: International

The universe is expanding 2019/6/12 115 min.
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F. Gary Gray
F. Gary Gray


Chris Hemsworth is Agent H
Chris Hemsworth
Agent H
Tessa Thompson is Agent M
Tessa Thompson
Agent M
Kumail Nanjiani is Pawny (voice)
Kumail Nanjiani
Pawny (voice)
Rebecca Ferguson is Riza
Rebecca Ferguson
Rafe Spall is Agent C
Rafe Spall
Agent C
Emma Thompson is Agent O
Emma Thompson
Agent O
Liam Neeson is Agent High T
Liam Neeson
Agent High T
Laurent Bourgeois is Alien Twin #1
Laurent Bourgeois
Alien Twin #1
Larry Bourgeois is Alien Twin #2
Larry Bourgeois
Alien Twin #2
Kayvan Novak is Vungus / Nasr / Bassam
Kayvan Novak
Vungus / Nasr / Bassam


Release: 14 June 2019

Men in Black: International is the fourth installment in which Chris Hemsworth and Thessa Thompson take over as protagonists, while F. Gary Gray becomes the new director for the Men in Black.

It's been 22 years since J and K revealed the truth to the world, with the first Men in Black movie. Without being a particularly fertile franchise, which has had a delivery every two years, the adventures of the Men in Black have become a reference title of the B-series cinema, science fiction and, why not say so? Comedy and adventure.

The fourth installment of this franchise arrived at our cinemas the past Friday, June 14. We can see in the movie in the principal character to Chris Hemsworth (know for his work in Avengers: Endgame, and also Ghostbusters from 2016) and Thessa Thompson (who worked alongside Hemsworth in Thor: Ragnarok) take over from Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith as protagonists of a story that, in addition, transcends the US borders to jump to the other side of the puddle, to Europe and Africa.

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The new Men in Black film tells how the newly recruited M test agent (Thompson) is destined for the London branch by the organization's leader, Agent O. There, M will enter the orders of the headquarters superior, known as Hight T (Liam Neeson) and meet the star agent of the European headquarters, Agent H (Hemsworth).

However, there is no peace for men and women in black. M and O will soon be involved in a horrendous conspiracy, destined to turn our world into the playground of an alien race. Again, a veteran agent and another rookie will be the last hope of the inhabitants of the Earth.

And we don't tell you more about the plot. We turn to the criticism of this fourth MiB movie, which this time is directed by F. Gary Gray, a film maker known for Diablo, but also The Italian Job and mainly Fast & Furious 8.

First of all, before continuing with criticism is to make one thing clear: the guardian spectators of the essences better to take a deep breath and do not begin to fill their mouths with the already worn out expressions of "this is a betrayal of the spirit of .. . " and so on.

Mainly, because we must start from the fact that Men in Black's own films seem like a Rofulian egg to a pendulum chestnut to the original Lowell Cunningham comics for Malibu (now Marvel), which they supposedly adapt. Hence we consider that it is not necessary to be especially dogmatic.


Made this distinction, it must be admitted that the MiB writers swing more than a Takwella worm put up to the coffee bars. These are precisely Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, responsible for precisely the scripts of Punisher War Zone and Transformers: The Last Knight.

The tandem Holloway and Marcum despises the previously established continuity, establishing themselves new narrative milestones and conventions taken from the manga, which contradict everything stated in the previous films, we imagine that in order to make the international leap that this film intends to take. Although the formula looks more like a European tour for Yankees from the Midwest than a portrait of a Europe, Morocco and the United Kingdom are well portrayed and guarded by the Men in Black.

We can't leave without talking about the director. F. Gary Gray is competent. It is noted that the goat throws the mountain, since the persecutions could not be missing in a tape of this director, which makes this type of sequence interesting. It is possible to say that the photography of its equipment is on of the best thing of the film, with a lighting and frames more than optimal, and all of this takes advantage of the scenes of the film enough.

All together, we conclude by saying that Men in Black International is not the best Men in Black movie, but we doubt that it will go down in history as the worst. We can take it as a relay on the road or even a bridge to another way of understanding the worldbuilding of MiB, which grows with each new film. In spite of its plot lacks, it is a film that makes people laugh, it is entertaining and, above all, flies by. One tip, go see it with the big popcorn boat.

Original title Men in Black: International
TMDb Rating 5.9 2009 votes

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