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Long Shot (2019)

Long Shot

Unlikely but not impossible 2019/5/2 125 min.
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Jonathan Levine
Jonathan Levine


Seth Rogen is Fred Flarsky
Seth Rogen
Fred Flarsky
Charlize Theron is Charlotte Field
Charlize Theron
Charlotte Field
O'Shea Jackson Jr. is Lance
O'Shea Jackson Jr.
June Diane Raphael is Maggie Millikin
June Diane Raphael
Maggie Millikin
Ravi Patel is Tom
Ravi Patel
Bob Odenkirk is President Chambers
Bob Odenkirk
President Chambers
Andy Serkis is Parker Wembley
Andy Serkis
Parker Wembley
Randall Park is Boss
Randall Park
Tristan D. Lalla is Agent M
Tristan D. Lalla
Agent M
Alexander Skarsgård is Prime Minister James Steward
Alexander Skarsgård
Prime Minister James Steward


Long shot

A comedy starring Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron, premiered on May 3, two thousand nineteen for the United States of America by Lionsgate. The film was directed by Jonathan Levine and produced by Evan Goldberg, Beth Kono and James Weaver.

The film consists of an acting cast headed by the aforementioned Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron in the leading characters, accompanied by Andy Serkis, O'shea Jackson Jr., June Diane Raphael, Alexander Skarsgard, Bod OdenKirk, Ravi Patel, Tristan D Lalla, Randal Park, James Saito, Lisa Kudrow, Randy Orton, Kurt Braunohler, Claudia O'Dherty, Paul Scheer, Lil Yachty, and the special performances of the Boys 2 Men musical group.

Charlize Theron epitomizes the successful and seasoned Secretary of States of the United States of America, Charlotte Field, who receives the disturbing news that her boss, the President, will not participate in the next presidential elections, does not plan for re-election.

Charlotte has always been a woman of great ambitions, so she asks the current president and support and support to undertake an electoral campaign and be a candidate for the presidency of the country.

The comedian expert Seth Rogen plays Fred Falrsky, a controversial journalist who works for the local print media, which has been sold to a famous character in current politics, Parker Wembley, who does not enjoy Fred's sympathy and vice versa; this drives Fred to quit his job and take another course.

With nothing to pay a visit to his friend Lance, who proposes to attend a charity to cover a pattern; at the bump site with Charlotte Field; An old acquaintance and platonic love of her childhood, the now Secretary of State had been Fred's nanny for many years. Both surprised by all the time that has passed since their last meeting, have a nice and friendly talk, which is interrupted by Parker Wembley, who asks Charlotte for an exclusive interview for her diary; but Fred advises him not to mix with that individual because of his bad reputation.

Surprised by Fred's ethics and professionalism, she asks him to work with her, proposes that she be in charge of writing all the speeches of the election campaign, Fred quickly accepts, will be next to the woman he has dreamed of all his life , there is no better opportunity.

Fred prepares his first speech for an international summit where a large number of leaders from different countries of the world will attend, one of the central issues will be pollution, and its effects, ecology and its contribution to future generations; Charlotte makes her presentation attached to the speech prepared by Fred, resulting in a resounding success.

Amid the jubilation, the skilled journalist asks his ex-nanny that he needs to know more about his political thinking and his government plan to write speeches more committed and in keeping with the campaign; hoaxes, you just want to be by his side as long as possible.

As time goes by, something is born between them, and after some unexpected confessions and some bad experiences, they decide to give themselves a chance and start a love relationship.

The still president of the United States and head of Charlotte in the white house, asks to meet in private and orders him to leave aside the environmentalist speech, because in his government there are very powerful people and with particular interests to those who do not it is worth deepening the ecology; but Charlotte ignores his orders.

The secretary of state every day gains more supporters and rebounds in acceptance surveys, which creates discomfort within the government. Once again, the President meets her in his office and invites Parker Wembley, one of the main stakeholders of the failure of the environmental project. Parker has a fairly explicit recording of his relations with Fred; the threat telling him to remove his ecological argument or the recording will come to light.

Charlotte has no choice but to accept.
This decision costs him his relationship with Fred, who returns to New York with a broken heart; but thanks to a chat with his friend Lance, he reflects and decides to go get the girl back. Both decide to make public their relationship and the threats of the current government to prevent it from moving forward with its environmental project, which results in an overwhelming victory in the presidential elections thus becoming the first woman to lead Uncle Sam's country.

Original title Long Shot
TMDb Rating 6.6 893 votes

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