Little (2019)


She woke up like this 2019/4/4 108 Min.
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Tina Gordon Chism
Tina Gordon Chism


Marsai Martin is Jordan Sanders (Young)
Marsai Martin
Jordan Sanders (Young)
Issa Rae is April
Issa Rae
Regina Hall is Jordan Sanders (Adult)
Regina Hall
Jordan Sanders (Adult)
Tone Bell is Preston
Tone Bell
Justin Hartley is
Justin Hartley
JD McCrary is Isaac
JD McCrary
Mikey Day is Connor
Mikey Day
Blair Jasin is Martin
Blair Jasin
Chelsea Hayes is Rachel
Chelsea Hayes
Caleb Emery is Valet Vince
Caleb Emery
Valet Vince


This movie tells the story of a very capricious boss; she only accepts that she will be the ones! The premiere was on April 20th, 2019. Tina Gordon is an American director and a screenwriter. Between its works are Peeples, ATL and Drumline, co-wrote the scripts of Little next to Camilla Blackett, and the last one (Little) directed by her.

This film was produced by Will Packer Productions. It has the cast of the following figures: Justin Hartley, an American actor, known for his television roles such as Fox Crane in Passions, Oliver Queen in Smallville, and Adam Newman in The Young and the Restless that earned him a nomination to the Emmy awards.

 Marsai Martin, children's actress and singer, being a girl of only 14 years of age is the youngest person to perform as an executive producer in a Hollywood film. Isa Rae actress, writer, director, producer and creator of American web series. She first drew attention for her work on the YouTube series Awkward Black Girl. Regina Hall is an actress, who began her career in New York with a role in Loving.

This movie is about a millionaire woman Jordan Sanders, a woman who sits with the right to treat their employees as useless, the worst deal or receive their unconditional and docile assistant April, which among their multiple, s responsibilities within the company, is to please Jordan in all their whims and meet their needs.

But all this changes when Jordan, one day between the pressures of her life and day to day, she has a meeting with a 13-year-old girl named Stevi, who unloads all his fury on her and offends her, she becomes so angry, that she faces her wishing with all her strength.

But something strange passes to Jordan, now she is a girl, again. This scene is very funny, the next day when she gets up she finds that she is not a woman anymore, she is a girl !!! Very funny situations begin to arise as a result of the fantasy of this innocent girl whose wish was fulfilled. Jordan immediately Calls desperately to her assistant April, to find a way to return her to her normal state, and is where they begin an endless number of situations.

When Abril assimilates and understands what is happening, she assumes the responsibility that comes with looking after the new age of her eager boss. At least the services appear and it forces its legal representative (April) to return the girl to school. Jordan back in school relives the fears of the past, and understands how terrible it has been to help the renegade children to earn respect and also help now your faithful friend April.

Little, received from the audience various opinions. The specialist Rotten Tomatoes, indicates that Little has an acceptance of 46% supported by 127 reviews, the critic who says: Little is a story that makes good use of its talented and well-balanced cast. "On behalf of the audience has a 73% approval, based on 563 votes.

Original title Little
TMDb Rating 6.2 126 votes

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