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It Chapter Two (2019)

It Chapter Two

You'll Float Again 2019/9/4 169 min.
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Andy Muschietti
Andy Muschietti


James McAvoy is Bill Denbrough
James McAvoy
Bill Denbrough
Jessica Chastain is Beverly Marsh
Jessica Chastain
Beverly Marsh
Bill Hader is Richie Tozier
Bill Hader
Richie Tozier
James Ransone is Eddie Kaspbrak
James Ransone
Eddie Kaspbrak
Jay Ryan is Ben Hanscom
Jay Ryan
Ben Hanscom
Isaiah Mustafa is Mike Hanlon
Isaiah Mustafa
Mike Hanlon
Andy Bean is Stanley Uris
Andy Bean
Stanley Uris
Bill Skarsgård is Pennywise
Bill Skarsgård
Xavier Dolan is Adrian Mellon
Xavier Dolan
Adrian Mellon
Teach Grant is Henry Bowers
Teach Grant
Henry Bowers



New Line Cinema repeats with the already planned IT sequel, Pennywise returns to the big screen with Chapter II, by the hand of its director, master Andrés Muschietti and producers Dan Li, Roy Lee, Barbara Muschietti, David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame -Smith; the script adaptation was in charge of Gary Dauberman again. The film will be released on September 6, two thousand nineteen for the United States of America.

After his first appearance in two thousand seventeen, the devilish clown returns after decades locked up and thirsting for revenge for the members of the losers club.

We return again to the small town of Derry, in the state of Maine; where years ago lived a group of boys who called themselves the losers club and lived the most horrible days of their lives, until now.

These new events occur in the year two thousand sixteen; when a couple of young gays named Adrián Mellon and Don Hagarty walk along the lake bridge and are victims of a group of homophobic abusers who take them by surprise and beat for their sexual condition; Adrián tries to defend himself and protect his friend Don but is thrown off the bridge, where Pennywise is waiting for him, who takes his life.

Mike Halon, the only member of the losers club that remained in the town, and hears the incident through the police network to which he has clandestinely access, immediately gets stuck in the place of tragic events, and seeing what happened it follows that IT has returned.

In honor of the oath they took as children, he gets in touch with the other members of the club, who have already made their lives and taken very different paths; all have developed amnesia of the events that occurred in their childhood; nevertheless they decide to attend the call of their friend as a reunion of childhood; but Stanley Uris who fought against Pennywise, the devilish clown, and is now a respected accountant who lives in Atlanta, knows that he cannot return to Derry, he is terrified of living that hell again and ends up committing suicide.

Bill Denbrough, Beberly Marsh, Richie Tozier, Ben Hanscom and Eddie Kaspbrak, arrive in Derry and meet in a restaurant with Mike Halon, and as they chat they remember what happened at that time, something that disturbs and frightens them in a way.

At that moment they receive the unfortunate news of the suicide of their friend Stanley; overwhelmed by the news Eddie Kaspbrak and Richie Tozier decide to leave the town and return to their lives; at that moment Mike confesses that there is a way to annihilate Pennywise permanently, through a Chud ritual that only the natives know; Bill and Mike convince their friends not to give up and finish what they started.

Henry Bowers, a psychopath who during the late eighties terrified all members of the losers club and is accused of murdering his father and two of his friends, is currently being held in a special clinic for people with disorders mental from which he manages to escape with the help of the ruthless killer clown.

One of the main conditions for the ritual to work is that each participant must offer an important object of that fateful moment; each one goes to different places to look for that object that the natives require; Beverly returns to her maternal home and runs into a love letter written by her friend Ben; Richie searches for his favorite game token, Eddie gets his inhaler, and so on each one gets the item.

When trying to meet again, terrible things begin to happen and they must take care of each other if they want to survive this reinforced and evil devilish clown, death stalks them and childhood memories try to betray them.

Original title It Chapter Two
TMDb Rating 6.8 3001 votes

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