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Inside Man: Most Wanted (2019)

Inside Man: Most Wanted

2019/9/24 106 min.
Average: 5.9 (28 votes)
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M.J. Bassett
M.J. Bassett


Aml Ameen is Remy Darbonne
Aml Ameen
Remy Darbonne
Rhea Seehorn is Dr. Brynn Stewart
Rhea Seehorn
Dr. Brynn Stewart
Roxanne McKee is Ariella Barash
Roxanne McKee
Ariella Barash
Tanya van Graan is Erica Channing
Tanya van Graan
Erica Channing
Jessica Sutton is Ava
Jessica Sutton
Greg Kriek is Dietrich Case
Greg Kriek
Dietrich Case
Sven Ruygrok is Bobby Jenkins
Sven Ruygrok
Bobby Jenkins
Akshay Kumar is Ansh Ramachandra
Akshay Kumar
Ansh Ramachandra
André Jacobs is Sergeant Sam Abrams
André Jacobs
Sergeant Sam Abrams
Joe Vaz is Myron
Joe Vaz


This American spy, action and violence film is the sequel to Inside Man of two thousand and six; this time the direction of the film was in charge of the British MJ Bassett, in the production Ogden Gavanski, and the story was the responsibility of Brian Brightly.

The tape was directly released to the home cinema segment and was available from September 24, 2019, in Blu-Ray, Blu-Ray Ultra, HD 4K, and DVD format.

It all starts five years after what happened, in 2006 a group of bank robbery specialists led by the dangerous Ariella Barash, try to rob the Federal Reserve of New York; upon entering the building they take everyone present as their hostages.

Barash's plan is perfectly articulated, apparently, it has no cracks; the main objective is a large contraband of gold that was confiscated from the Nazi forces, and is guarded in the vaults of the building.

The response from the authorities was immediate, the New York police, together with the FBI cordon off the area and occupy all the streets near the building; agent Brynn Stewart is in charge of the operation, and by the New York police officer and negotiator Remmy Darbonne.

Both try to prevent any victim from being injured, for this, they contact the dangerous criminal Ariella Barash; show the greatest willingness to resolve the situation and lead to surrender; but after a conversation, they both learn differently, the reason for the assailant's operation.

Another criminal named Arthur Case, was returned to his home and placed under house arrest for the famous theft of Dalton Russell; Arthur's son, Dietrich, manages to capture and kidnap Dalton, which is why he forces Ariella to participate in the robbery to obtain a kind compensation for the damage done to his father.

All this seems crazy; and the information is unknown to everyone, from the assailants that accompany Ariella, to the NYPD troops and FBI special agents; Barash is a very intelligent man, and with his sister Eva articulate a second escape plan, which will make them believe that the robbery was a failure, and leaving little traces and evidence for Remmy Darbonne and Brynn Stewart to deduce what happens with Dietrich.

For her part, Eva provides a family photo to the FBI special agent, who shows the biological relationship that exists with Dalton; and Ariella, in turn, sends a cell phone to Darbonne to coordinate the recovery of stolen gold in exchange for the Dietrich capture.

Thus, this excellent film will keep us in suspense, since the lives of hundreds of people are in danger, but also that of Dalton who is kidnapped by Dietrich, who in his view seeks to charge revenge for the damage caused to his father; but that is wrapped in an orchestrated trap between Barash, Darbonne, and Stewart; while Eva tries to get the most out of various situations and ensure a good pension for her old age.

Original title Inside Man: Most Wanted
TMDb Rating 5.9 28 votes

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