Hebe (2019)


2019/8/15 N/A Min.
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Maurício Farias
Maurício Farias


Andréa Beltrão is Hebe Camargo
Andréa Beltrão
Hebe Camargo
Marco Ricca is Lélio Ravagnani
Marco Ricca
Lélio Ravagnani
Danton Mello is Claudio Pessutti
Danton Mello
Claudio Pessutti
Daniel Boaventura is Sílvio Santos
Daniel Boaventura
Sílvio Santos
Gabriel Braga Nunes is Décio Capuano
Gabriel Braga Nunes
Décio Capuano
Caio Horowicz is Marcello Camargo Capuano
Caio Horowicz
Marcello Camargo Capuano
Karine Teles is Lolita Rodrigues
Karine Teles
Lolita Rodrigues
Stella Miranda is Dercy Gonçalves
Stella Miranda
Dercy Gonçalves
Ivo Müller is Carlucho
Ivo Müller
Danilo Grangheia is
Danilo Grangheia


Hebe Camargo was one of the most emblematic presenters on Brazilian. At age 60, she went on to manipulate her personal profession and, regardless of the grievance, the jealous husband and the powerful bosses, revealed herself to the general public as an fantastic female, able to overcoming any personal or expert disaster.

Original title Hebe - A Estrela do Brasil
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