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Glass (2019)


You Cannot Contain What You Are 2019/1/16 129 min.
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M. Night Shyamalan
M. Night Shyamalan


James McAvoy is Patricia / Dennis / Hedwig / The Beast / Barry / Heinrich / Jade / Ian / Mary Reynolds / Norma / Jal
James McAvoy
Patricia / Dennis / Hedwig / The Beast / Barry / Heinrich / Jade / Ian / Mary Reynolds / Norma / Jal
Bruce Willis is David Dunn / The Overseer
Bruce Willis
David Dunn / The Overseer
Anya Taylor-Joy is Casey Cooke
Anya Taylor-Joy
Casey Cooke
Sarah Paulson is Dr. Ellie Staple
Sarah Paulson
Dr. Ellie Staple
Samuel L. Jackson is Elijah Price / Mr. Glass
Samuel L. Jackson
Elijah Price / Mr. Glass
William Turner is Young Elijah
William Turner
Young Elijah
Johnny Hiram Jamison is 13-Year-Old Elijah
Johnny Hiram Jamison
13-Year-Old Elijah
Owen Vitullo is 8-Year-Old Kevin
Owen Vitullo
8-Year-Old Kevin
Colin Becker is 10-Year-Old David
Colin Becker
10-Year-Old David
Spencer Treat Clark is Joseph Dunn
Spencer Treat Clark
Joseph Dunn


A 2019 American movie written, produced and equally directed by M. Night Shyamalan. It is a newly released thriller film that features star actors including Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, Spencer Treat Clark and Charlayne Woodard. Also, James McAvory and Anya Taylor-Jay stars as split characters as well as Sarah Paulson, Adam David Thomson and Luke Kirky also being part of the cast. The film was released on January 12, 2019 with a running time of about 129 minutes with English being the primary language with which it was produced. The budget for the production of the movie was placed at $20 million and eventually hits a total of $241.3million at the Box Office.


A crime occurs in about 3 weeks back and it was initiated by a villain called Kevin Wendell Crumb, who is also known as, ‘The Horde’. David Dunn, together with his grown up son, Joseph, have been working tirelessly to bring down criminals. They set out to rescue four cheerleaders that Kevin got abducted. The latter’s psychopathic engagements is obviously at the extreme of consuming his captures until David comes across him and prevents his enragement. Having found out the location of the kidnapped ladies with his super senses, David got them freed but was himself attacked by Kevin. The fight that ensues extends outside into the public streets. Here is where a special branch of Philadelphia Police Department, amiably led by Dr. Ellie Staple, is situated. The police activates a machine which brings certain hypnotic lights and forces ‘The Beast’ to change. Dr. Staple persuades David and Kevin to surrender and the duo becomes arrested.
Both of them were referred to a mental institution, unfortunately, this is where Elijah Price–known as Mr Glass who is David's enemy–is also been held. Dr. Staple asserts that she works and handles patients with special powers. She encourages David, Kevin and Elijah that they’re normal folks who are only ridden to believe they have super powers. She is aware about David's weakness and has the machine which was used earlier-on installed in Kevin’s room. This gets automatically activated anytime a brawl is perceived.
Through evaluation, Dr. Staple puts three patients, Joseph, Mrs. Price and Casey Cooke in a single room. This trio then summed a beastly attack. Staple chips at David and the Horde’s faith in their supernatural abilities. Although, Elijah is calmed with sedative treatments but Staple reveals his MRI result to have shown some irregularities in his brain.
Elijah breaks into the Horde’s cell to prepare them for the reawakening of the beast, but he was quite unlucky because he was captured and laser surgery was performed on him with the intent of making his brain get lobotomized. Meanwhile, he saw this coming and ensured that he destroys the surgical laser; thereby having no effect on him. He escapes from incarceration as he slits the throat of a security and went to awaken the beast.

Staple’s men held and weakened David before drowning him in a floodful hole. David's death grants him a sight of Staples being a part of a secret society covering up the existence of super-humans away from the rest of the world.
After the death of Elijah, Kevin and David, Dr. Staple deletes every available footage and perceived her mission has been successfully carried out unknown to her that the cameras has been hacked by Elijah to stream a new live network. This makes the public become aware of what we call super-humans.

Original title Glass
TMDb Rating 6.5 4415 votes

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