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Gemini Man (2019)

Gemini Man

Who will save you from yourself? 2019/10/2 117 min.
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Ang Lee
Ang Lee


Will Smith is Henry Brogen / Junior
Will Smith
Henry Brogen / Junior
Mary Elizabeth Winstead is Danny Zakarweski
Mary Elizabeth Winstead
Danny Zakarweski
Clive Owen is Clay Verris
Clive Owen
Clay Verris
Benedict Wong is Baron
Benedict Wong
Douglas Hodge is Jack Willis
Douglas Hodge
Jack Willis
Linda Emond is Janet Lassiter
Linda Emond
Janet Lassiter
Theodora Woolley is Kitty (Jack's Girlfriend)
Theodora Woolley
Kitty (Jack's Girlfriend)
Justin James Boykin is Connor (uncredited)
Justin James Boykin
Connor (uncredited)
Alexandra Szucs is Aniko (Lab Technician)
Alexandra Szucs
Aniko (Lab Technician)
Victor Hugo is Junior (On-Set Reference)
Victor Hugo
Junior (On-Set Reference)


Gemini Man its the new film by Taiwanese director Ang Lee starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Clive Owen and Will Smith have been awaited for a very long time, and we're here to tell you everything about it.

The film follows the story of Henry Brogan (Will Smith), a hitman whose conscience forces him to retire. Soon he begins to be chased by a relentless hitman: what he cannot imagine is that he is his own clone, 27 years younger than him, called Clay Junior.

When they finally meet face to face, Henry decides to fight the system that has created his double, a perfect replica of himself and with which he, therefore, shares many of his problems of conscience. The leader is none other than his former boss Clay Varris (Clive Owen).

Gemini Man was born many years ago, specifically in 1997 at Disney but the digital effects to be able to carry it out directly did not even exist. The idea was the one that has now managed to get ahead: that the same actor played both roles, but that "the young man", Junior, was recreated entirely via CGI in the same way that the animals we have seen in zero have been created from scratch the new version of The Lion King or as Cesar was created in the new trilogy of The Planet of the Apes, one of the best characters, by the way, born from a computer thanks to the technique of motion capture.

We have already talked to you on some occasions about the way in which motion captures have contributed to creating fictional characters or even applying rejuvenation or aging techniques, but this is going one step further by not being a touch-up but a new creation.

Ang Lee has already left us speechless with the tiger of Life of Pi, if you remember, and then continued pushing the limits of technology to reach new levels of quality in the magnificent and highly underrated Billy Lynn. At that time he shot in 4K and 60 frames per second (remember the controversy that arose when part of The Hobbit was shot at 48 fps causing many viewers to complain about the credibility of the movement of the creatures that populated the film). And the standard has always been 24 fps, so the change is very noticeable.

Lee has now shot at 120 fps which makes this HFR (High Frame Rate) make the movement indistinguishable with the way the eye perceives reality. And we are not used to it: the image is sharper, has less flow despite the fact that there is a lot of action and there are those who associate it with the so-called "soap opera effect", that is, the blur is reduced so much that any more is appreciated small defect in the image and the "cinema texture" or, at least, of the cinema as we still conceive it today.

In this movie, everything has been calculated to the millimeter so that Junior is real... Except for the final sequence, in which, in broad daylight, it is less convincing than ever. Apart from that, in the rest of the footage it is very credible, but not so many other moments, such as aerial planes. Seeing a plane suspended in the air with this technique makes it almost seem like a toy: at this point more noise in the image would be desirable.

In any case, the 3D experience already pays the entrance: it has a lot of depth and brings layers, never better, to the film. It is clearly not its director's best job because the script fails repeatedly, but it is worth it.

Original title Gemini Man
TMDb Rating 5.8 1235 votes

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