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Fyre (2019)


The Greatest Party That Never Happened 2019/1/18 98 min.
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Chris Smith
Chris Smith


Billy McFarland is Himself - Fyre Co-Founder (archive footage)
Billy McFarland
Himself - Fyre Co-Founder (archive footage)
Ja Rule is Himself - Fyre Co-Founder (archive footage)
Ja Rule
Himself - Fyre Co-Founder (archive footage)
Jason Bell is Himself - Former NFL Player (archive footage)
Jason Bell
Himself - Former NFL Player (archive footage)
Gabrielle Bluestone is Herself - Journalist, Vice News
Gabrielle Bluestone
Herself - Journalist, Vice News
Shiyuan Deng is Herself - Product Designer
Shiyuan Deng
Herself - Product Designer
Michael Ciccarelli is Himself - Software Engineer
Michael Ciccarelli
Himself - Software Engineer
Mdavid Low is Himself - Fyre Creative Director
Mdavid Low
Himself - Fyre Creative Director
Samuel Krost is Himself - Fyre Media
Samuel Krost
Himself - Fyre Media
Andy King is Himself - Event Producer
Andy King
Himself - Event Producer
J.R. is Himself - Former Fyre Employee
Himself - Former Fyre Employee


He promised supermodels and yachts, however introduced tents and cheese sandwiches. How one guy engineered a track competition catastrophe.

Original title Fyre
TMDb Rating 6.9 455 votes

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