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Frozen II (2019)

Frozen II

The past is not what it seems. 2019/11/20 104 min.
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For the eighth consecutive time, Walt Disney Animation Studios and Pixar have created a hit animated film, this time with their Frozen sequel, Frozen II. The sequel takes the story of the first Frozen and places it in the modern world. This means that the "frozen" part has been changed to "ice" (a very common word for snow in most people's vocabulary).

Frozen is based on Hans Christian Andersen's classic, "The Snow Queen". The princess who lives in a palace has an insatiable desire to be reunited with her own daughter, whom she left on an ice floe years ago. Now, Elsa has awakened from a long sleep. She's so happy that she can't do anything but hang out and play on the ice with the other princesses.

Her sister, Anna, now calls herself "God Daughter" because she lost her birthright, so she now thinks of herself as the only legitimate heir to the throne. Anna has another advantage, because she's blonde and beautiful.

Even though the premise of the sequel is quite similar to the first movie, it has the same charm. Many people enjoy a movie or series with similarities because it becomes more familiar to them and therefore, they can identify with the story more easily.

The new movie also includes a great supporting cast. A great new addition to the group is Olaf, a reindeer who takes the role of the book's Snowman. The movie seems to be pulling off the most unusual thing in that the newly animated characters wear clothes instead of make-up.

Action is very important in a children's film, especially animated ones. Snow and ice are supposed to represent reality, but it's hard to get the audience to focus on those elements when action and comedy are all over the screen. The sequel does a nice job of getting the audience'sattention by presenting the events from the beginning of the story to the end.

In the original movie, the snow turned to ice when people touched it, but in Frozen II, it turns back to snow if the character touches it. It's not a strong enough element to carry a full-length animated film, but it is good enough to make the movie enjoyable for all age groups.

To sum up, Frozen II is probably one of the best Disney Animated Studios movies since The Little Mermaid. It has a better story, great animation, and excellent music.

Original title Frozen II
TMDb Rating 7 2440 votes

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