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Five Feet Apart (2019)

Five Feet Apart

2019/3/15 116 min.
Average: 8.1 (1734 votes)
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Justin Baldoni
Justin Baldoni


Haley Lu Richardson is Stella Grant
Haley Lu Richardson
Stella Grant
Cole Sprouse is Will Newman
Cole Sprouse
Will Newman
Moisés Arias is Poe
Moisés Arias
Kimberly Hebert Gregory is Nurse Barb
Kimberly Hebert Gregory
Nurse Barb
Parminder Nagra is Dr. Noor Hamid
Parminder Nagra
Dr. Noor Hamid
Claire Forlani is Meredith
Claire Forlani
Emily Baldoni is
Emily Baldoni
Gary Weeks is Tom
Gary Weeks
Rebecca Chulew is Doctor
Rebecca Chulew
Sue-Lynn Ansari is Nurse
Sue-Lynn Ansari


This is a romantic drama movie made in the year 2019. It was written by Mikki Daughtry and Tobias Iaconis, directed by Justin Baldoni and produced by Cathy Schulman and Justin Baldoni. The film which stars Haley Lu Richardson and Cole Sprouse was released on March 15, 2019 with a total running time of 110 minutes and a budget of $7 million only to rack up to $62.7 million at the Box Office.

A patient that has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis (CF) is Stella Grant and because of this, she is very active on social media using this to cope with her illness while at the same time trying to live a normal life that nearly everyone lives. As fate will have it, she meets with a different patient also living with CF named Will Newman whom have gone to the hospital to get medication trial in the bid to treat bacterial infections that is present in his lungs. Medically, patients with CF are narrowly kept at a seperating distance of nothing less than 6 feet apart so as to decrease the risk of contamination because contracting bacterial infections from patients with CF could be very dangerous to life.

Stella is focused to comply with this principle. And although, at first, she hated Will because he takes too much risk by breaking the rules. She also discovers that Will isn't seriously taking to the predicts of his treatments and requests that he begin to take his regimen serious but the latter agrees to do so on the condition that he is opportuned to draw her.

As both of them becomes closer, and given that Will have learnt about Stella's older sister, who gave up the ghost in an accident, she takes a decision to take a foot backward to keep 5 feets away from Will everytime as they hold on to a pool clue. With time, the duo began to fall in love and went on a secret first date which eventually landed them at the hospital pool where in they both reveal the scars they've possess from surgeries had in time past.
The following day, Stella made a scavenger hunt to celebrate Will's birthday which got him mouth-opened. They later went to a roomfilled with friends for an incredible suprise dinner party organized by Stella and Poe who is also a CF patient. Sometimes later, Poe dies and Stella became heartbroken insisting that she's been too strict not to have hugged him before his death. Later on, Stella and Will walks in the city to see the lights and Stella locked hands with Will although she was unperturbed because she has a glove on. Meanwhile, a lung transplant becomes available for Stella but she ignores this alert and spends more time with Will.

As soon as Will got to know, he begs her to consider the transplant but she refuses before she falls through ice. Will pulled her out of water and performed a CPR on her not minding the risk of infection. Luckily, she got rescuscitated before an ambulance took them to the hospital where the surgery was eventually carried out. Stella woke up after the surgery and saw Will with lights who confessed his love for her and forced her to close her eyes so he can leave after telling her that his drug trial is not making any progress and won't prevent his eventual death.

Original title Five Feet Apart
TMDb Rating 8.1 1734 votes

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