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Fighting with My Family (2019)

Fighting with My Family

A comedy about a family that fights a little differently. 2019/2/14 108 min.
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Stephen Merchant
Stephen Merchant


Florence Pugh is Saraya "Paige" Knight
Florence Pugh
Saraya "Paige" Knight
Lena Headey is Julia "Sweet Saraya" Knight
Lena Headey
Julia "Sweet Saraya" Knight
Nick Frost is Patrick "Rowdy Ricky" Knight
Nick Frost
Patrick "Rowdy Ricky" Knight
Vince Vaughn is Hutch Morgan
Vince Vaughn
Hutch Morgan
Dwayne Johnson is Himself
Dwayne Johnson
Jack Lowden is Zak "Zodiac" Knight
Jack Lowden
Zak "Zodiac" Knight
James Burrows is Roy Knight
James Burrows
Roy Knight
Hannah Rae is Courtney
Hannah Rae
Thea Megan Trinidad is AJ Lee
Thea Megan Trinidad
AJ Lee
Kim Matula is Jeri-Lynn
Kim Matula



The Biological Sports comedy drama is based on a documentary aired on 2012 about “The Wrestlers”. It was released in USA on February 22, 2019. The movie is directed by Stephen Merchant, who is equally the writer of the film. It is produced by Kevin Misher and Michael J. Luis. It starred Florence Pugh, Dwayne Johnson, Lena Headey and Nick Frost. Running time of the movie is 108 minutes.

A 10 year old boy from Norwich, England is deeply into WWE king of the ring pay-per-view show. Saraya Bevis, sister of the boy named Zak Bevis, changes the show to her favourite – Charmed. This ends up in a brawl between both of them as they are supported by their parents. Saraya won his brother in a wrestle match booked by her father, Rick Bevis.
Saraya, who is 18, contending under the ring name "Britani Knight" and her sibling "Zak Zodiac" help their folks train imminent wrestlers while progressing in the direction of their own advancement. Rick and Julia, who are financially struggling, ask WWE mentor Hutch Morgan to sign their children. He at last consents to a tryout before a SmackDown showing at The O2 Arena, and advises Saraya to locate another ring name since they already have a “Britani”. The children get exhortation from Dwayne Johnson, and Saraya uses the name Paige from her most loved character on Charmed.
Morgan belittled the wrestlers trying out with Saraya and Zak. He at last picks Paige, regardless of her endeavor to have Zak picked also. With Zak’s consolation, Paige leaves for America while he keeps wrestling on the British autonomous circuit, helping his folks' wrestling school, and watching out for his spouse and infant child.
After touching base at NXT located in Florida, Paige finds it hard in adapting to the lifestyle of WWE– essentially, because there is lack of inexperience female trainers and there is no intergender wrestling. Paige battles with performing promotions while Morgan is also belittling her. Morgan explains to Zak that he will never be marked to WWE which makes Zak an alcohol addict. Paige finds her parents are selling stock of her similarity without her consent and have booked her in a match with Zak planned for her Christmas holiday.
Paige, on her in-ring debut at a live competition in NXT, is harassed by the group which made her leave the ring crying. She chooses blonde her hair and splash tan to look like others, which made matters worse. Paige had thought some of the learners were talking about her because of her failure in an obstacle course and scolded them. Meanwhile they were talking about Kirsten.
Morgan urges Paige to resign from WWE, Paige reveals to Zak about this while the latter tells their parents after defeating his sister. Paige told Zak that Morgan declined to sign him so as to help him concentrate on what is essential in his life and she returned to NXT after Zak abused her for trying abandoning their dream.
Zak stops drinking just as Paige’s training improved. Paige freezes up again in her Raw debut against AJ Lee – the Divas Champion in WWE. But, Lee begins the match and out of the blue puts the Divas Championship on hold which led to Paige’s victory as her family watched on TV. "This is MY home!" is the final word made by Paige after her victory.
In the epilogue that followed, Rick Bevis sells the shares in the family business, one of Zak’s students, a blind trainee, emerge as a wrestler. Paige continues to hold the title of the youngest Divas Champion.

Original title Fighting with My Family
TMDb Rating 6.6 552 votes

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