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Escape Room (2019)

Escape Room

Find The Clues Or Die 2019/1/3 100 min.
Average: 6.4 (1947 votes)
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Adam Robitel
Adam Robitel


Taylor Russell is Zoey Davis
Taylor Russell
Zoey Davis
Logan Miller is Ben Miller
Logan Miller
Ben Miller
Deborah Ann Woll is Amanda Harper
Deborah Ann Woll
Amanda Harper
Tyler Labine is Mike Nolan
Tyler Labine
Mike Nolan
Nik Dodani is Danny Khan
Nik Dodani
Danny Khan
Jay Ellis is Jason Walker
Jay Ellis
Jason Walker
Yorick van Wageningen is Games Master WooTan Yu
Yorick van Wageningen
Games Master WooTan Yu
Cornelius Geaney Jr. is College Professor
Cornelius Geaney Jr.
College Professor
Russell Crous is Charlie - Jason's Assistant
Russell Crous
Charlie - Jason's Assistant
Bart Fouche is Gary - Ben's Boss
Bart Fouche
Gary - Ben's Boss


This is an horror movie released this 2019 the name is Scape Room. It is a work written by Bragi F. Schut and Maria Melnik, this movie reuned a number of stars such as Logan Miller,Taylor Russell, Tyler Labine, Deborah Ann Woll, Nick Dodani and Jay Ellis . The director is a British and a good director, he is known for You Got eyer his name is Adam R, it was produced by an American director Neal H. Moritz and Ori Marmur a producer of movies. It was released on January 4, 2019 in the United States and has a budget of a meagre $9million only to rack up a whopping $153.4million at the Box Office.
Zoey, Ben, Jason, Amanda, Mike and Danny got invited to the Minos Escape Room Facility in a bid to get an opportunity to win $10,000. Everyone arrives and comes together at the waiting room only to discover they've been locked inside the facility for the game to commence. While searching for useful information, Zoey unintentionally turns on heating traps. Then he manages to open a vent as he pushed down coffee coasters as the heat increases. As the participants pass through, Amanda remembers a similar experience when she has an accident in a terrible attack in Iraq.

Everyone managed to escape just before the room caught fire. Emerging is a winter cabin locked by a 7-letter combo with a clue, ‘You’ll Go Down in History’, this made Ben remember the time he drives drunk together with his friends while singing until they had a car crash. He made a suggestion that they try, ‘Rudolph’ which eventually opens the door as they all escape into another room that looks just like a frozen lake. They later scaled through as Jason remembers someone freezing in a red coat. They were lucky to unlock the exit just before the ice fell down and explodes. All of the five players then enter a billiards bar that is upside down while ‘Downtown’ is playing out from the speakers. Anytime the music stops, part of the ground falls apart showing a shaft of an elevator. They discovered a locked safe and considers some 8balls amiss the key to the room. Zoey realise the hints are upside down as Amanda collects the ball from the safe, but unintentionally dropped it. She throws them to Jason as she falls to her death.
Meanwhile, the four players left entered a ward in a hospital with 6 beds. They deduced that the EKG machine would open the door to the next room. The room got filled up with gas and Jason entangled himself up to the machine which lowers his heartbeat to create a passage for Jason and Ben to escape but Zoey failed to continue and he died as a result of the gas.
However, the Game Master, whom has been controlling the game since its design by the Puzzle Maker meets with Ben and explains the correct tendencies of the game to him, telling him how college athletes, servants, lone survivors, celebrities etc are hired through an experience they all share and rich viewers places bet on who makes it out alive. The Game Master attempts to kill Ben fearing that he'll divulge the secret but Zoey arrives just in time and killed him before they took their leave.

Original title Escape Room
TMDb Rating 6.4 1947 votes

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