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Eli (2019)


2019/10/18 98 min.
Average: 5.9 (438 votes)
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Ciarán Foy
Ciarán Foy


Charlie Shotwell is Eli
Charlie Shotwell
Lili Taylor is Dr. Isabella Horn
Lili Taylor
Dr. Isabella Horn
Kelly Reilly is Rose
Kelly Reilly
Max Martini is Paul
Max Martini
Sadie Sink is Haley
Sadie Sink
Deneen Tyler is Nurse Barbara
Deneen Tyler
Nurse Barbara
Katia Gomez is Nurse Maricela
Katia Gomez
Nurse Maricela
Austin Foxx is Perry
Austin Foxx
Parker Lovein is Lucius
Parker Lovein
Lou Beatty Jr. is Motel Owner
Lou Beatty Jr.
Motel Owner


Eli, or as we like to call it From Hell with Love, is an original horror film of American nationality, directed by Ciarán Foy.

With a peculiar and picturesque script, Eli, which is the name of our little protagonist, is a cheater tape, very tricky, as it was last week Fractured (2019), but doesn't leave you with a honey taste, but rather the opposite.

Production commissioned by Netflix (Paramount Players among the makers), to be distributed worldwide by the transmission platform on October 18, 2019, and so it was.

Eli (Charlie Shotwell), our protagonist, is a boy with an autoimmune disease. Their parents, as a last resort, proceed to transfer to a germ-free mansion to receive an experimental treatment, which is already responsible for indicating the head of the family during the journey.

However, Eli, during his stay in the mansion that could mean him, is going to start having terrifying visions, nightmares encounter with an invisible friend or not, which leads to thinking that some very sinister secret , is hidden under the walls of the mansion.

When Eli and his parents arrived at the famous mansion, with more caution than a car ahead of a cyclist chatting in parallel, for the boy's autoimmune issue, they will be received by Dr. Horn (Lily Taylor) and two nurses, newly taken from the department of complaints and claims of Auschwitz, in the 40s.

Dr. Horn shows the mansion to the new tenants and the explanations roughly, the 3-phase treatment to which Eli will have to go through in order to try to fix his problem.

Parents to London, the boy to California and Dr. with the nurses on the ground floor. Of course, there will be parts of the mansion that will be prohibited from accessing.

Phase 1 of Eli's treatment begins, to which a genetic and experimental drug will be injected directly into the medulla, while they have him more seized than a nonagenarian on a swing.

When this phase ends and waiting for phase 2, Eli will suffer terrible appearances, visions, maybe warnings on the glass, playing with the words of his name (Eli-Lie) and the visit of a friend (invisible or not) on the outside of the glass, which notifies you of the not very good results of the previous tenants of the mansion, also children.

Obviously, Dr. Horn blames Eli's visions and hostile reaction to genetic treatment. The mother (Kelly Reilly), begins to have doubts about it, Eli is still harassed by the terrifying, increasingly real visions and everything is ready to receive Phase 2.

And it begins, only this time the genetic injection is accompanied by a drill with a 6-bit drill straight to his head (strong scene), which causes the terrible side effects, more typical of an acid transfusion than those of a cure.

The mother already doubts the results of the treatment, the father warns the mother of the possibilities that he did not know, Eli continues to see ghosts everywhere and the friend (invisible or not), continues to warm him, warning him of what he expects in Phase 3.

Given this, Eli does the only thing he can do, explore all the bedrooms and investigate on his own with the sole purpose, not only heal but to save his life.

Maybe what he'll find, will turn around the threatened life of the boy, or maybe not?, And from here we can start to have some clues about the plot's climax and conclusion, but we will not spoil it all for you.

Some may be scared, but the terror in Eli is rather discreet and you'll never see it in any ranking of the best in the genre. At most, it will serve to see with friends on Halloween night.

Original title Eli
TMDb Rating 5.9 438 votes

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