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Dumbo (2019)


Soar to new heights. 2019/3/27 112 Min.
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Tim Burton
Tim Burton


Colin Farrell is Holt Farrier
Colin Farrell
Holt Farrier
Michael Keaton is V. A. Vandemere
Michael Keaton
V. A. Vandemere
Danny DeVito is Max Medici
Danny DeVito
Max Medici
Eva Green is Colette Marchant
Eva Green
Colette Marchant
Finley Hobbins is Joe Farrier
Finley Hobbins
Joe Farrier
Nico Parker is Milly Farrier
Nico Parker
Milly Farrier
Alan Arkin is J. Griffin Remington
Alan Arkin
J. Griffin Remington
Sandy Martin is Verma
Sandy Martin
Joseph Gatt is Skellig
Joseph Gatt
Deobia Oparei is Rongo
Deobia Oparei


This movie is an American Fiction based on a Disney novel, Dumbo is a movie written by Harold Pearl and Helen Aberson. The production team includes Justin Springer, Ehren Kruger and Derek Frey. The movie, which runs for 112 minutes, is directed by an American director, producer, writer and cartoonist Tim Burton and it stars Colin Farrell, Danny DeVito, Eva Green, Alan Arkin and Michael Keaton. Although the movie did not make its $170 Million budget, it reached $122 Million.


Holt Farrier returns after the war to the Medici Brothers' Circus, managed by Max Medici. The circus has kept running into monetary problems and so Medici tells to Holt as the guardian for the pregnant elephant known as Jumbo.
Jumbo brings forth a calf with strangely vast ears and Medici orders Holt to shroud the ears so the people won’t see it. Notwithstanding, the calf coincidentally uncovers his very big ears in his first show and the group laugh at Dumbo while throw peanuts and different items on him. Jumbo is troubled by her child's abuse and frenzies into the ring, causing broad harm and coincidentally slaughtering a staff of the circus. Medici results to selling Jumbo. Holt's child, Joe and Milly comfort Dumbo and finds out that he can fly by fluttering his ears.
Dumbo assumes the job of a fireman comedian, in his second show, to put out a flame with water showered from his trunk, yet the execution turns out badly and Dumbo is caught on a high stage encompassed by blazes. Milly risks her life to convey a quill to Dumbo, so as to give him the courage to fly. People were amazed when Dumbo started flying and his fame started spreading.
Proprietor of Dreamland, an amusement park, meets Medici and proposes a coordinated effort; Medici would turn into Vandevere's (the owner) partner and the Medici Brother's Circus troupe would be utilized to perform at Dreamland. Then, Vandevere the bad man takes the decision that Dumbo has to fly with the French trapeze, Colette.
Their introductory show at Dreamland turns terrible because Dumbos is scared, he doesn´t want to make his activities en the circus. The main reason is they don´t have protection since no net has been added to keep away from conceivable wounds and fatalities. Dumbo flies out of the ring, rejoining with his Jumbo after he heard her voice.
Vandevere orders Jumbo to be removed and executed so as not to distract Dumbo. Vandevere likewise fires the majority of the Medici entertainers from Dreamland. Whenever Holt and the remainder of the Medici troupe discover that Vandevere means to execute Dumbo's mom, they resolve to set both her and Dumbo free. Vandevere endeavors to stop them, yet inadvertently begins a flame activated by bungle of Dreamland's power framework which spreads and crushes the recreation center.
Dumbo saved Holt and his family from the flame and together they board a ship back to their local home. A while later, the renamed Medici circus is restored and continues to grow. In the interim, Dumbo and his mom rejoin with a crowd of wild elephants in the wilderness.

Original title Dumbo
TMDb Rating 6.6 2034 votes

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