Dumbo (2019)


Soar to new heights. 2019/3/27 112 Min.
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6.7 930 votes


Tim Burton
Tim Burton


Colin Farrell is Holt Farrier
Colin Farrell
Holt Farrier
Michael Keaton is V. A. Vandemere
Michael Keaton
V. A. Vandemere
Danny DeVito is Max Medici
Danny DeVito
Max Medici
Eva Green is Colette Marchant
Eva Green
Colette Marchant
Finley Hobbins is Joe Farrier
Finley Hobbins
Joe Farrier
Nico Parker is Milly Farrier
Nico Parker
Milly Farrier
Alan Arkin is J. Griffin Remington
Alan Arkin
J. Griffin Remington
Sandy Martin is Verma
Sandy Martin
Joseph Gatt is Skellig
Joseph Gatt
Deobia Oparei is Rongo
Deobia Oparei


A young elephant, whose oversized ears allow him to fly, helps shop a struggling circus, but whilst the circus plans a new challenge, Dumbo and his pals find out darkish secrets and techniques under its brilliant veneer.

Original title Dumbo
TMDb Rating 6.7 930 votes

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