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Dragged Across Concrete (2019)

Dragged Across Concrete

Those who can't earn a living must find another way to provide 2019/2/21 158 Min.
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S. Craig Zahler
S. Craig Zahler


Mel Gibson is Brett Ridgeman
Mel Gibson
Brett Ridgeman
Vince Vaughn is Anthony Lurasetti
Vince Vaughn
Anthony Lurasetti
Tory Kittles is Henry Johns
Tory Kittles
Henry Johns
Michael Jai White is 'Biscuit'
Michael Jai White
Jennifer Carpenter is Kelly Summer
Jennifer Carpenter
Kelly Summer
Laurie Holden is Melanie Ridgeman
Laurie Holden
Melanie Ridgeman
Fred Melamed is Mr. Edmington
Fred Melamed
Mr. Edmington
Udo Kier is Friedrich
Udo Kier
Tattiawna Jones is Denise
Tattiawna Jones
Justine Warrington is Cheryl
Justine Warrington


Dragged Across Concrete
A 2018 American crime thriller, Dragged Across Concrete is directed by Craig S. Zahler with a production team that includes Sefton Fincham, together with Jack Hellar, Keith Kjarval and Dallas Sonnier. The movie was released in the United States on the 22 March 2019 with a running time of 159 minutes. Popular actors like Jai Michael White, Mel Gibson, and Tory Kittles where featured in the movie.
The movie follows the Police duo of Brett Ridgemann, being the older, and Anthony Lurasetti, Both of them working in the city of Bulwark. Brett Ridgemann was caught on video harassing a drug suspect. He was also seen mocking the spouse of the suspect. Lieutenant Calvert, their boss, questioned and afterward suspends the 2 men without pay even after Ridgemann had asked Calvert to pardon Lurasetti. The partners decided to make money through the criminal connections they developed while serving as police officers. Lurasetti is about to propose to his spouse while Ridgemann's wife cannot work due to illness. Brett Ridgemann gets a lead from Friedrich, who is a rich businessman that owes Brett favor and Lorentz Vogelman is the name of the possible cash score given to Brett.
Lorentz Vogelman employs ex-convict Henry Johns and his friend known as Biscuit for a robbery that involves them being the getaway drivers. They are to work together with 2 veiled accomplices. Following the lead, Ridgemann and Lurasetti tailed Vogelman's men and their plan is to steal their share after the robbers have completed their operation. Lurasetti didn't like this and would like to call the robbery in.
Henry and Biscuit did not like the killings done by Vogelman's and his gang and they discovered that they were dispensable to Vogelman. Meanwhile, Lurasetti is not happy that they were doing nothing to stop the robbers.
At the checkpoint where Henry and Biscuit drove the robbers, together with their hostage, the duo opened fire on their boss and his gang which resulted in the death of Biscuit as Henry escapes. Ridgemann and Lurasetti arrive at the crime scene and the Latter is gunned down by Vogelmann. Ridgemann, in turn, kills the hostage as a dying Lurasetti listens to his spouse reject his marriage proposal via voicemail. Henry recorded the whole scene where Ridgemann killed the Vogelman and his entire band. Although Henry wanted to use this video as a means for blackmail against Ridgemann, the 2 men later agree to clean up the crime scene and share the gold. As they complete the cleaning, Ridgemann demands that the video is deleted from Henry's phone as he pointed a gun at him. Henry pulls out his own gun and in the row that ensued, Ridgemann is shot. While Ridgemann dies, Henry gave him an assurance that his family will be catered for.
Finally, after a year, Henry lives with the rest of his family in riches. Ridgemann’s family receives a mail. Apparently, the mail was sent by Henry and it contains a box full of gold bullion.

Original title Dragged Across Concrete
TMDb Rating 6.6 206 votes

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