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Dilan 1991 (2019)

Dilan 1991

Dilan dan Milea di Bandung, September 1991 2019/2/28 118 min.
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Who doesn't know the fictional couple Dilan and Milea from the movie titled Dilan 1990 (2018)? Regardless of whether you like it or not, it is difficult to deny that these two lovebirds are a separate phenomenon in the country's film industry. They are like Galih and Ratna, or Cinta and Rangga, for generations of worshipers.

There is another reason why the film was adapted from the bestselling novel titled Dilan: He Is My Dilemma in 1990. The invention of Pidi Baiq was able to attract 6 million viewers to go to the cinema. Not only because the source material has formed a base of loyal fans, but also because the seduction of the titular character towards Milea is able to melt the hearts of many women of different ages and social levels.

For young women, it is considered that the way Dilan seduces represents the ideal love story. While for women at a more mature age, this is often used as a place of nostalgia for sweet dates in high school. Also supported by the charismatic appearance of Iqbaal Ramadhan, which woman is not so unhappy when she hears that the combat commander is launching her reckless movements?

In the 1990s, it was beyond the player's acting factor, which was, in fact, the main strength of the film. One thing that bothered the fan a lot was to see the absence of a strong conflict to sustain the story, so it was not uncommon for the film to cause boredom.

The main cause is Milea, worried that her lover's life will remain threatened if Dilan continues to maintain her position as a member of a motorcycle gang. In addition, a group of strangers attacked Dilan while he relaxed in his usual shop. Isn't that terrible?

Then, it is natural if Milea was sulking and then asked Dilan to stop this parallel activity. He had been expelled from school due to a fight, had been hit by a person's attack, and Milea did not want Dilan to suffer major consequences due to the decision to take revenge on those who had hurt her. Unfortunately, Milea's concerns that led to the ban were simply ignored by Dilan, so their relationship, which was initially sweet, suddenly turned sour. The presence of Yugo (Jerome Kurnia), the son of Milea's distant cousin, even made the situation worse.

Those who like the first movie due to its abundant content of the cheesy dialogue could growl disappointed when they expect the sequel to be applied in a similar formula. It is true that you will still find it in the first 15 minutes, where the film continues storytelling just after the timeline in the late 1990s, which presents Dilan's intimacy with Milea after they formalize their relationship.

There was a scene driving a motorcycle in the pouring rain, a scene of kisses using the hands instead of the lips until the scene of longing until the end of each phone. But unlike the 'elder brother' that originated it for the entire duration, considering that the focus was the process of predicate from Dilan to Milea, Dilan 1991 gradually reducing it from the moment Dilan was beaten and the idol of his heart expressed his objections regarding Dilan's decision to remain in the motorcycle gang.

This can be understood because the focus of the film changes to a dating period that is not always flowery. The problem that initially did not have a significant impact on the movement of history, this time can have a great effect because Dilan is no longer alone. A blow that fell on your face or a desire to return the blow to the opposite gang can trigger a conflict with your partner. Milea, who was previously seen as passive as a central character and showed herself as a girl who loves bad boys, finally had the opportunity to show her attitude. He knew what he wanted from his relationship with Dilan.

As the filmmaker will offer the answer at the next installation, I don't bother. After all, Dilan 1991 could be presented as a love-show that was quite satisfying. In fact, there are times when the narrative stops and the artistic order continues to stutter to produce a convincing time environment because the product placement is too sticky, but they say 1991 certainly not in the soap opera class, as often accused by curious Internet users thanks to the impressive performance of the players. Iqbaal Ramadhan seemed comfortable with the role he played, as well as with Vanesha Prescilla, who once again proved that it was the future of Indonesian cinema.

Both showed a convincing transition from looking like a couple intoxicated by romance first, then stretching slowly, until they looked like two strangers who had never had a bond between them. From this transition of action, the public can feel a change in emotions in the soul of Dilan-Milea, which includes happiness, sadness, loneliness and lack of commitment. Various emotions that I also felt when I saw Dilan 1991.

Original title Dilan 1991
TMDb Rating 6.1 11 votes

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