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Descendants 3 (2019)

Descendants 3

You didn't think this was the end of the story, did you? 2019/8/9 106 min.
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The unexpected and painful death of Cameron Boyce leaves an unsuccessful career that began when he was 7 years old with Disney. The young actor who was found dead at his home in Los Angeles more than a month ago became one of the great youth stars of American television thanks to the popular series Jessie in which he played Luke Ross. In 2015 he starred in his own series, The Gamer's Manual for almost everything.

That same year Cameron Boyce was part of the cast of the movie The Descendants, based on the children of Disney's villains. The film released a sequel in 2017 and the third part was released in the United States past August on Disney Channel.

In The Descendants 3 Cameron Boyce plays Carlos, Cruella de Vil's teenager son. Sofia Carson, Dove Cameron, Booboo Stewart, Thomas Doherty, China Anne McClaun, Cheyenne Jackson and Mitchell Hope also participate in the film.

Cameron Boyce's film career began in 2008 in the movie Reflections. Shortly after he acted first in Eagle Eye and later with Adam Sandler in the comedy Grown Ups in which he gave life to the son of the American comedian.

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The young actor died while sleeping due to an illness that has not been disclosed by the family. He played for years Luke in the series "Jessie" and Carlos in the movie sagas "The Descendants"

The death occurred on Saturday July 6th, and was due to an ongoing illness that has not been disclosed.

Without a doubt, the Descendants franchise has a very special place in the world of Disney, not only the channel, but generally speaking of all its contents from series to movies, we can't deny that, after all this musical universe is connected with the most iconic characters, those who created the great entertainment empire that is Disney today, in addition, it is very entertaining to see that it was many years later with the new generations of heroes and villains of Disney fairy tales.

That was what got us hooked, including even adults, with Descendants, which comes to an end these days, (which honestly, make us want to cry like Cinderella) with the latest installment of this great trilogy which includes many songs, a lot of dancing, a great epic adventure between the Island of The Lost and Auradon, it also has, of course, lots of deep morals. In a nutshell, the movie Descendants 3 is a good closure for our favorite Disney villains, which ** spoiler alert ** are anything but villains.


We believe that is the general complaint of all (fans and non-fans) that the end of the Descendants saga came very quickly, but, out of that, of our sadness for the end of this franchise, the movie Descendants 3 has no buts, it is very much in tune with the other two previous installments, and the best of it is that it's full of dances and songs that become a leading character.

Now, another thing that you are going to love about the new movie Descendants 3 is the important message of inclusion, and how its characters fight for integration, equality, and equal chances of opportunity, both for the children of the heroes as well as the villain's, and also to destroy the walls that separate their lands, transmitting a very powerful message to the youngest audience.

We wish everything was like dancing and singing to solve the problems, but hey, the message sent by the movie Descendants 3 is interesting.

With an entertaining story, many occurrences and a clear message that evil and goodness are in everyone, the movie Descendants 3 takes us back to the magical world of Disney, with tears saying goodbye to these great characters, especially to Boyce's Carlos.

Original title Descendants 3
TMDb Rating 7.8 518 votes

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